Meeting Site Proposal Information

  From the By-Laws
SECTION 2. Meetings of the Board. Regular meetings of the Board of Governors shall he held on dates and at such a location as is determined by the Board of Governors at its second regularly scheduled meeting of the calendar year from proposal(s) submitted to the Board of Governors by the Membership committee at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the calendar year. Voting shall be per NCCC Ballot procedure. The approved meeting location shall be effective at the beginning of the calendar year, approximately eighteen months after approval.

To assist you in procuring a proposal for a NCCC business meeting site location, the Membership Committee has complied a procedures and proposal form. Your cooperation in working with the membership Committee, which require the assistance of the Business manager and the Finance Committee to complete this process would be appreciated. The Meeting Proposal form requires that you fill in some specific information.

  Meeting Site Proposal Form

  Meeting Site Proposal would be for 2013, 2014 & 2015
  Proposal for 4 Meetings ~ February, May, September & November
  Proposal for 3 Meetings ~ March, September & November
  Audiovisual section of the proposal ~ we need 2 floor mikes.
  The number of room nights for Friday would be 66 rooms.
  The number of room nights for Saturday night would be 36 rooms.
  Two complimentary suites also need to be provided.

  Proposal may be submitted at the September 10, 2010 Meeting
  Proposal must be submitted by November 12, 2010 Meeting

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