Updated November 19, 2003

These are all the clarifications for the year and all that directly apply to 
the current Rulebook. This page will be updated on a regular basis as needed.
Jim Adrian, Vice President of Competition

Clarifications November 7, 2003  

Page 2-17, Par Item 4 – Group I and IS (84-up) – Use of additional safety equipment.

Question: Is the “Targa-Truss Anti-Flex Bar legal in Group I and IS?

NO: Yes (7) NO (8)


Page 2-23, Par
Removal of Equipment: and Page 2-21 Par Item 3 All parts must be stock Chevrolet unless specified otherwise in remainder of this section!

Question 1: If the air pump is removed on an 84-96 Group 2 Car, can the pump bracket and pulley be replaced by an aftermarket unit to facilitate routing of serpentine belt?

NO: Yes (6) No (9) All parts must be Chevrolet

Question 2: If the Air Conditioning Compressor is removed on a 84-96 Group 2 Car, can the compressor bracket and pulley be replaced by an aftermarket unit to facilitate routing of the serpentine belt?

NO: Same as above All parts must be Chevrolet

Question 3: Can the above brackets be fabricated instead of aftermarket?

NO: Same as above All parts must be Chevrolet


Clarifications: September 13, 2003

Page 8-10 Par 8.8 Item 4: 
If an entrant (NCCC member) has more than one car entered in a concours, he/she must declare which car will be judged for points.

Question 1: Is the reference to points, regarding to points received for the event, and not scoring points for judging?

ANSWER: YES; They are the championship points that are listed on the NCCC Event Results!

Question 2: After one car has been declared “to be judged for point”, are the other cars entered by the (NCCC Member) entrant: Eligible for First Place Awards/placing for classes entered?  (If they are the top-scoring cars, or if they are the only cars in the class)


Question 3: Are the other cars entered "in all ways" considered to be treated the same as the other entrant cars of the same class, with the only exception being: No points awarded for the event?


Clarifications: May 3, 2003

1. Page 8-8 Par Item 1 - Concours: 

In what circumstances MAY a judge’s hands and knees touch the ground, if at all? 

ANSWER: To recover balance or to get back up. VOTE: 15 Yes – 0 No – 0 Abstained 

2. Page 2-23 Par Item 1 Group II: 

Question: Can you put a Dana 44 rear end in an automatic Corvette Group II?

15 Yes – 0 No – 0 Abstained


Clarifications:  February 28, 2003

Page 2-25

Par Item 1

Question:  Is a 2-Piece rotor that is the same dimensions as the stock rotors and using stock Corvette calipers allowed under Group 3M rules.

ANSWER:  NO     Vote NO (14)  Yes (0) Absent (1) 

Page 1-2

Item 1.2.2 Item 2

Question:  There is currently no provisions for driving schools.  If a non-sanctioned, non-competitive driving school is held on a track with track instructors and no timing equipment or timed runs. 

What safety rules apply?

All safety rules that are in the currant rule book!

ANSWER:  Vote YES (14)  NO (0) ABSENT (1)

Clarifications: November 8, 2002

 Page 6-2 Poker Rallye


1.Can the rally master give you a DNF (when you draw three cards at the start of the rallye and two at the end of the rally when the finish location is known)  when you did not run the rallye route, but just drove to the finish point?  I was present at each location that the cards were drawn?

ANSWER:  YES THEY CAN: Per page 6-5 par 6.11 Item 2:  Each car in the Rally MUST be required to follow a common course:

VOTE:  YES (12)  NO (3)

2.Can you be given a DNF for driving the first 30 miles of a 70 mile rallye when the final cards were drawn at the end of the first 30 miles, and you did not bother to drive to the finish point:

ANSWER:   YES THEY CAN: Per page 6-5 par 6.11 Item 2:  Each car in the Rally MUST be required to follow a common course:

VOTE:  YES (12) NO (3)

Clarifications: September 13, 2002 RCD meeting

Reference/Section 2.7.1. 2.7.2, 2.7.3, 2.7.4, 2.7.5, 2.7.6, Groups & Regulations 

Q.  Does the wording  “This rulebook is written in a positive nature and therefore should be used in that manner” apply to all sections of the rulebook?

YES (14) – Absent (1) 

If so, does this mean that if the rulebook does not say you can do it, you cannot?

YES (14) – Absent (1)  

Reference page 2-23 Section 2.7.3 Group II Regulations.


The first part of the sentence is, “STOCK FOR CLASS”

The last part of the sentence is, “any ration that will fit in the stock housing is allowed.” 

Q.  Can any gear ratio other than those that are STOCK FOR CLASS be used in Group II Class E, F, or G as long as they fit in the stock housing?

A. YES (13) – NO (1) – Absent (1)

Clarification: July 6, 2002 RCD meeting

Reference Page 2-21 par Item A and B

Q. Can a late model LT1 Engine (EFI) be placed in an 86' body and run Group IIG.

A. NO Vote: 12 NO - 1 Abstained - 2 Absent

Clarification: February, 2002 Meeting

Reference: Page 2-18, paragraph Brakes paragraph 1 "only factory
available for year, model and option.

Q. I the larger 13" rotor (offered in the Z51 Package) rotor considered to
be "legal" in the Group ISE and Group IE if the car was NOT originally
optioned from the factory?

A. NO vote 15 - 0

Clarifications: September, 2001 Meeting

I. GRPII, and and 20. Correct classification for 1968 Convertible with 1979 Chev. L-48 block.

     Answer: Group II D, per references cited, assuming all other components are correct for class.

                        VOTE: 13-0

II.      Safety Equipment: -3 " Roll bar or cage -- is required in all roadsters in High
Speed Events except for Matching Times on a Drag Strip. " Question: Can C-4 convertibles with factory hardtop be considered as a "coupe" rather than an open convertible for purposes of this requirement?

 Answer: NO! Clarified in previous edition of Rulebook. Requires a change of Rulebook in several areas.

                         VOTE: 13-0

III   Classification of LS-6 Corvettes: (Z-06) for 2002 and subsequent competition seasons.

This was tabled at the June meeting for consideration at this meeting. 

Considerable discussion. Question: Does the Z-06 need to be reclassified?


NOTE: Is the committee going to re-visit this matter again this year?   

      VOTE: YES: 5, NO: 8  

Clarifications: June, 2001 Meeting

Page 9-4 Section EVENT TRAVEL POINTS-ALL EVENT TYPES, ITEM 3.b If a NCCC member lives more than fifty(50) miles from their Club's declared home city then their Travel Points shall be figured from the member's home city.






NOTE: The committee's response to this Clarification was consolidated, to the satisfaction of the maker, into two responses.

Answer 1 & 2:  "That which is indicated in the NCCC Membership Roles."

Answer 3 & 4:  "A person must satisfy the current requirements of Membership."

                    Vote: 12-0

Basically, it was the Committee's view that where a person lives is a Membership issue.  It becomes a competition issue if one member uses this provision to gain unfair advantage.
The protest process should be used to resolve situations involving unfair competition.

Clarifications: May, 2001 Meeting

Page/Section 8.4, Item 1, Concours Classification

Q.  Can Group III Modified race cars compete in the Concours class RP even though safety equipment requirements are not the same per speed event tech inspection p. 2-35 referring to roll bars?

A. Modified cars running race slicks experience the same wear and tear such as rock chips in the paint and gravel thrown into the engine compartments, etc. as RP cars.

2. If not, what class can Group III Modified race cars compete in so they are not having to compete against Concours Prepared and Customs, etc?                                                                           

A. No                                      Vote:  15-0

Note: 2. (Not a Clarification) was discussed, and options were considered to be in the current Rulebook.  

Clarifications: February, 2001 Meeting

Page 2-18, Section, Brakes, Item 1d, Air Cooling Ducts:

Q. Since this does not specify, can the ZO6 rear air-cooling ducts be installed?  If not, can these be installed if they are not functional?

A. No to both parts                 Vote:  9-4-1

Page 2-22, Section, Engine, Engine Components and Accessories,
Paragraph 10, Battery:

In the C4 there is a compartment behind the passenger's seat.  The compartment top has a channel around it with a felt strip in it.  The top has a ridge that fits in this channel. 

Q. If the battery was securely mounted in this compartment and vented outside the passenger compartment, would this constitute a vented battery box?

Q. *Do batteries that are sealed and can be mounted in any position need to be in a battery box if it is mounted any place else other than the engine compartment?

A. Yes    Vote:  14-0

A.  *Withdrawn by maker

Clarifications: November, 2000 Meeting

Page 1-19, Section, Tire Size. 
Q. When updating tires in 1SH, or 1H, are the tire sizes on each axle required to be the same configuration as came from the factory?

A. No! Vote: 13-2

Q. Can you mix the front tire (245X17) of the regular C5 with the rear tire (295X18) of the ZO6? On either the ZO6 or regular C5?

A. Yes, if correct for axle. Vote: 13-2  NOTE: Axle means front or rear.

Page 1, Section Preface, Purpose, last two sentences.
Q. Is the Rulebook to be observed as stated on Page 1? (or is it a guideline for operating within the unwritten rules established by the various clubs and regions?)

A. Yes! Vote: 15-0

Page 2-14, Section, Brakes
Q. Can the 1996 black Corvette embossed brake calipers be put on the other cars (years 1992-1995) in class 1G?

A. No! Vote: 12-3

Page 2-37, Section 2.12, Awards 1.12.1, Minimum Awards
Q. Can one award be presented to cover more than one sanctioned event per weekend?

A. Yes! Vote: 12-0-3

Page 2-37, Section 2.12.1.a and 2.12.3, Minimum Awards and Reduced Entry Fee in Lieu of Awards
Q. Rulebook states "a reduced entry fee may be offered in lieu of awards". At what point does it become a reduced entry fee?

A. When stated on the flyer as a "reduced fee", or when the fee actually charged is less than the amount stated on the flyer.

Vote: 15-0

Clarifications: May 2000 Meeting

(Without objection by the maker, the clarification was divided into two questions.) 

Q. 1. Can you run a non-EMT street tire on a C-5 in Group IS?

A. Yes (12), No (3)

With reference to tires, Section, paragraph 3, "1994 and newer cars originally equipped with extended mobility tires and spare tire delete….

Q. 2. What class does the above car without EMT tires run in?

A. With spare: Group 2(you have added a spare to a car that came without one!) 

A. Without spare: Group 1

Clarifications: February 2000 Meeting 

Can cylinder head # 3946074 (L-88) be replaced with part # 12363408 (G.M. performance book) which has a casting # 12363401. This is an open chamber, big block head shown to be a "replacement" for the L88 head, and described as "legal for NHRA competition.

No 14, yes 0, abstain 1.