January 2017
Welcome to 2017 and a new year. I believe this is the only month that my message falls on a holiday. I hope everyone reading this today has the best year of their life, good health, and lots of fun. 

 2016 was a very good year for NCCC, attending three major Corvette shows, Bloomington Gold in June, Corvettes at Carlisle in August, and Corvette Fun Fest in September. Attending these shows were the NCCC Charity Committee, Sponsorship, and members selling raffle tickets for the new NCCC Raffle towards $40,000 cash or a certificate for a new Corvette. At the November 2016 Governors meeting, member Jacqueline Hoyt from Nebraska won the certificate for the new car. Proceeds from the raffle go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The second year raffle is up and running now drawing the winner at the NCCC Convention on August 25th, 2017. Tickets can be obtained on the NCCC web site under Charity. Buy today before they are all gone. $50 gets you a chance at a new Corvette or $40,000 cash helping raise funds for St. Jude.

The National Corvette Museum delivery program continues to work well for us as the new Grand Sport has increased deliveries helping us gain new members. Since June of 2015, NCCC has gained almost 300 new members.

2016 has also seen a decrease in cost going forward with membership renewals as the process is now handled by the VP of Membership and the team of Regional Membership Directors. The cost saving in 2017 going forward should be over $30,000 each year.

Working with the printer of Blue Bars, we have been able to increase the quality and reduce the cost of mailing and printing saving $20,000 to $30,000 depending on number of pages each year.

The NCCC database has grown to where we have twice the correct e-mails as we had last year. The membership team and club Governors have done an outstanding job making sure we have everyone’s e-mail and correct address going forward. I know some members don’t have e-mail, and some don’t want anything from NCCC in an e-mail. In the future renewal confirmations will come in an e-mail. My monthly message is in an e-mail. If you don’t wish to receive the e-mails, there is an “opt out button” at the bottom of my letter. You can always hit the “delete button” on your key pad also!

The NCCC Scholarship program awarded 15 scholarships in 2016. This program is available to any child or grandchild of a member. You must be a current member for them to qualify. Check out the rules and requirements on the new “online application” coming soon on the NCCC web site.

On line Registration for the 2017 NCCC Annual Corvette Convention opens on January 2nd, 2017. Look at all there is to do this year at convention. Bowling Green is home to the Corvette plant, the National Corvette Museum, the NCM Motorsports Park, and lots of things to do and have fun. Kentucky is a beautiful state to travel to. I encourage you to come again and if you have never attended a convention, make this the one to go to. You will not regret attending, I promise.

NCCC insurance coverage continues Because of our good record of not many claims, the insurance company has continued to provide general liability coverage of $5 million in 2017. I am not sure who carries this kind of coverage, but it sure is nice to know NCCC has us covered as a member at all Corvette related events and social gatherings. Most of the large claims turned in have been from drive outs, parades, social events, car shows, but not competition events. Part of the low risk at competition events is due to NCCC safety program controlling the events sites. You never know what tomorrow holds. At least club members know insurance will cover them and their club when having fun with the Corvette.
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The new NCCC membership cards included in your renewal packet started mailing in November to each member who renewed for 2017 and should be arriving soon if not already.
This new card is a permanent card going forward. Renewals in the fall of 2017 will confirm by email you’re rejoining NCCC for 2018. If a card is lost or damaged, contact your club Governor or the VP of Membership to receive a replacement card. This is a $30,000 saving going forward every year.

As I start my second two year term as President of NCCC I will continue to find ways to improve NCCC to make it the most fun and best organization it can be. I thank everyone for the support and encouragement you have shown to all the Officers who volunteer their time and energy making all this happen. Together there is nothing we can’t do if we try.

Take care, stay warm, have fun, and continue to ride the wave with your Corvette as long as you can. I know you will look back and say: Boy, has this been fun!”

Dave Heinemann
National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.

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