Officers are elected by the Board of Governors for a term of 2 years. The Offices of President, Vice-President of Membership, Treasurer, Parliamentarian and Director of Public Relations are elected in even numbered years. The Offices of Vice-President of Competition, Secretary, Business Manager and Sergeant-at-Arms are elected in odd numbered years. Applications are due in September.
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Dave Heinemann ~ President
Midwest Region ~ Windy City Corvettes
Spouse: Joan
Kids: Michelle & John, Kim & Dustin, Kristen & Dan
         David Jr. & Sarah and Jenny & Craig
Grandkids:  Seth, Jessica, Zack, Faith, Emily, Allie and Adah
Corvettes:  Currently 2014 (#30) and 2009 (#28)
Favorite Vette Fun: Getting with the people! Never had a bad weekend yet!
Dave says: Always have fun with other Corvette owners. Life is about sharing! What better way to share life's experiences than with other Corvette owners doing what we do in the National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.

Joe Eller ~ 1st Vice President - Competition
West Region ~ Cornhusker Corvette Club
Spouse:  Teresa
Kids:  Ashley & Eric Frantz
Grandchildren:  FCOA members - Matthew, Emerson, and Charles Frantz
Corvettes:  1994 Coupe, 2004 Z06
Favorite Vette Fun:  Racing, Convention, & tailgating
Joe says: NCCC is the family that you get to chose. Now, get out there and spend time with your family.
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Amelia Workman ~ 2nd Vice President - Membership
Southeast Region ~ Nashville Corvette Club
Spouse:  Martin
Kids: 2 dogs (Dixie and Lily), 3 cats (Joey, Spooky, Bootsie), 70 hens and 1 rooster, 6 goats (Moosie, Mack, Houdini, Buddy, Shaggy, Louie) and 1 pig (Buford)
Corvettes: 1972 Mako Shark Custom, 2007 Atomic Orange Pace Car Convertible
Favorite Vette Fun: Parades, homecomings, cruises, and working timing at autocrosses.
Amelia says: Concentrate on the good in life and in people and don't spend a lot of time dwelling on the bad. Show gratitude in the way you live life. I am grateful for the many people in this organization that have been and continue to be a blessing in my life.
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Rita Robison ~ Secretary
Indiana Region ~ Circle City Corvette Club
Spouse: Richard
Kids: Justin, who is serving in the US Navy
Grandchildren: None
Corvettes: 2005 Black Grand Sport Convertible, 1966 Coupe
Favorite Vette Fun: Driving the GS and auto crossing
Rita says: Always be kind and respectful. We never know what has happened in someone else's life.
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Betty Parks ~ Treasurer
Southeast Region ~ Corvette Atlanta
Spouse: Don (married since 1970)
Kids: Catherine (FCOA #4)
Grandkids: Travis, Chase, Grayson (all FCOA members since birth)
Corvettes: 2016 White Coupe - 7 speed along with 1989 White Coupe and 1998 Silver Coupe - both 6 speeds!
Favorite Vette Fun: Anytime wheels are turning or Tailgating -- whichever comes first!!
Betty says: My dad taught me to be part of the solution, not part of the problem! Don't complain about life or NCCC unless you're willing to work on a solution.
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Kathy Brisbois ~ Parliamentarian
West Region ~ Cornhuskers Corvette Club
Spouse: Gary
Kids: Eric, Todd and Devin
Grandkids: Jesse, Nikolas, Maddie, Jazlyn, Taylor and Ashlyn
Corvettes: 1988, 1998 and 2012 Grand Sport
Favorite Vette Fun: Any activity with Corvettes and their owners.
Kathy says: Treat everyone with kindness. Every person brings a special and unique gift to the world.
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Jim Walton ~ Business Manager
West Region ~ Corvettes of Southeast Missouri
Spouse:  Claudine
Kids:Jim Jr. and Sam our dog
Corvettes:1980 Midnight Blue and 2007 Victory Red Roadster
Favorite Vette Fun:Parades, Cruises, Autocrosses
Jim says:We should always remember NCCC is a volunteer organization and should be fun, if it’s not fun then we shouldn’t be doing it. I think one of our biggest challenges is meeting the needs of our changing membership. The average age of a NCCC member continues to increase and more and more clubs are focused on social activities. We need to be aware of these changing needs and adjust our programs accordingly.
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Denny Luther ~ Director of Public Relations
West Region ~ Corvette Club of Iowa
Kids:  Steve
Grandkids: Connor, Kylee and Kennedy
Corvettes: 2015 Night Race Blue Z06 Roadster and 2007 Red Z51 Coupe
Favorite Vette Fun: I enjoy all the activities but have the most fun with autocrosses and cruises.
Denny says: If you are not having fun, find something else to do!
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Debbie Schafer ~ Sergeant-at-Arms
Northeast Region ~ Corvettes of Buffalo
Spouse:  Ray
Kids: Christopher (Amy), Michael (Dawn), James (Danielle), Danny (RIP), Ronnie (Stefanie)
Grandlids: Kyle and Mackenzie, Mikey, Shane and Zachary, Brandon and Morgan
Corvettes:1958 Silver Blue Convertible, 1978 Pace Car (my favorite) and 2003 Pace Car
Favorite Vette Fun:"ROAD TRIPS"......particularly St Louis and NCCC Conventions
Debbie says:"Never take Life for granted and always be thankful for the many blessings and opportunities life gifts us with"
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