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NCCC's First Four
Honorary Members
Only 17 people have been named as an Honorary Member of NCCC. The First Four honorees are probably the least known & are linked on the left. Click here for the full list.

Chris Beebe, with the help of her husband Larry Beebe, of the Cedar Rapids Corvette Club in the West Region researched and created an Historical look at the World and the Corvette through NCCC's first 50 years from 1959 through 2009. As part NCCC's 50th Convention week August 8-14, 2009 in Colorado Springs, CO. the Timeline was posted on boards and displayed for all to enjoy.
Click on the picture on the left to enjoy the linked PDF of their Timeline.

The Overall Competitor Award was initiated to replace the 1973 - 1992 BFG Quadrachallenge Award. This new award was introduced at the March 6, 1993 Governors Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. and in the Spring 1993 issue of Blue Bars. Ron & Liz Bockerman of the Cornhusker Corvette Club in the West Region earned the first Overall Competitor Award at the 1993 Convention in Topeka, KS.
Not all Conventions since 1993 have offered an Overall Competitor Award. Please contact the NCCC Webmaster with additional winners to include on shown list.

The Convention Logo and Patch made their debut for the 1966 Convention in Baltimore, MD. Tom Henry of the Corvette Cub of Baltimore was the 1966 Convention Chairman.

All of the Convention Logos/Patches are included with the information for all of NCCC's Convention Chairmen/Directors and Convention Treasurers on the Officers History pages.

There was actually one issue of Green Bars published.

Every once in awhile the question comes up
"How did Blue Bars, our National Publication, get its name?"

Jay Lamka, NCCC's Director of Publications ~ Blue Bars Editor for issues 1972 - 1984, offered information on this topic on page 2 in the March/April 1980 issue of Blue Bars.

The very first issue of Blue Bars, our national publication, was published in 1962. For your enjoyment, that 8 page issue is linked here.

You can read the other issues, meet the VPs/Directors of Publication ~ Blue Bars Editors and learn much more under the Blue Bars link.

In 1987, under the leadership of Barbara Zitzman, NCCC published and sold its very own Cookbook. NCCC Members shared their own favorite recipes in different categories. A sampling of the book is linked here.

Some of the recipes were served at NCCC's 50th Anniversary celebration banquet in 2009. Books show up once in awhile as give-aways and some NCCC Members boast to have boxes of them in their basement. Books can regularly be found for sale on eBay and usually sell for about $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

An Atlantic Spotted Dolphin was named "Vette" by Marineland in honor of NCCC visitors during Convention 1969 in Daytona Beach, FL.

The full history of Vette the Dolphin, NCCC's official mascot, is linked here.

The meeting recognized as the beginnings of the concept of a National Corvette Club was hosted by the Corvette Club of America on Saturday, May 16, 1959, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Linked here is the article highlighting the meeting appearing in the May-June, 1959 issue of their club newsletter, the Corvette Courier

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