The Board of Governors approved the Vision Committee for 2012 during their first meeting on February 25th. From the Regional Executive committee Joe Vasta (East Region) and Jeannie Ruston (South West Region) were approved. From the Regional Membership committee Cliff Harris (West Coast Region) was approved. From an at-large status both Penn Pritchett (West Ohio Region) and John Morrow (Indiana Region) were appointed to the committee. Dennis Patrick (East Ohio Region) was appointed the chairman for the committee. All the appointments were continuations from the previous year’s committee.

The Vision Committee was chartered to create a future vision for NCCC and recommend a path to reach that vision. We learned there were no boundaries, all areas of the organization were to be considered and our focus should be longer term focus and not be encumbered by the current issues for NCCC. Without boundaries and definition we have worked to define our direction. Celebrating 50 years of history, NCCC is steeped in strong traditions so change will occur slower than some desire yet much faster than others. A concern over the “how” has been something on our minds.

As we began, there were plenty of suggestions which at times were opposing ideas. However we did select a single project which we felt was a key to our future – telling the story of “Why NCCC!” The most important tool we currently have, which can reach the most members is BlueBars. So how could BlueBars be more effective communicating our story? We completed a recommendation and some of the recommendations are underway.

The Vision Committee has undertaken it’s most ambitious project to define the future organization of NCCC. The project is to define organization structure which will lead NCCC in a new direction to serve a growing membership. The future demands will mean optimizing the current programs yet providing new programs for changing demographics. This project is about defining the future organization, what it is not about is making immediate adjustments to address current challenges. We are not defining success by positions we eliminate but the value created for NCCC.

Our first task in this project is evaluating each position through defining the criteria used in rating each job description. We carefully weighed different areas of a position and settled on these criteria or questions to address during our process:
 Define the function(s) being performed currently by the individual in the position as well as
   previous office holders. The job is broken into individual components or processes, asking
   how the position supports the mission of NCCC.
 As we evaluate the position understand the activity level, and whether the effort is
   continuous throughout the year or is the effort seasonal.
 We try to determine if the position requires specific skills or experience to execute the
   duties in a timely and efficient manner.
 We push to decide if the processes can be simplified or automated.
 For each position we ask the question can the function be eliminated without jeopardizing
   NCCC mission, or does the function more logically belong in another job description, i.e.
    is there similarity between other NCCC position functions.
 We determine the cost for maintaining the position (defining the incremental cost) and
   define the value to NCCC and its mission. At times the value may not be immediate
   but more futuristic value.
 A final area of discussion is whether the position is a candidate to be contracted out to an
   organization management firm.

As you can see this checklist, the evaluation is not a quick effort but takes lots of discussion and even more information, as part of the search we interview people who hold or have held the position.

For the first grouping of positions we are discussing the duties associated with the annual convention, including the Convention Steering Committee. We cannot set timetables for the completion of our project, but is our current focus and we plan to keep in the forefront. Some estimate this will be completed in 2013. We are not sure when but we are committed to see it through.

The Vision Committee


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