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The NCCC family is a very generous family and we are all anxious to give to the Disaster Relief efforts on the Gulf Coast and to other Cities and States that have offered their support. Katrina, Rita and Wilma have been disasters of great magnitude and it is always hard to know where to help, what to do or who to donate to so your donation helps the most.
Listed below are some of the donations that have been made by some of our NCCC Members and some of our NCCC Member Clubs. Also listed are some of the Organizations that NCCC Members are aware of that need our support.
NCCC as an Organization does not endorse the other Organizations linked or mentioned on this page. NCCC does encourage you to keep in your mind and prayers the thousands of people that are living this tragedy and give your support the best you are able and in the manner that you choose. With our help and the help of many others, each day will be a little brighter. As Roger always reminds us: We are all the Best !!

Donations made by NCCC Members
Sylvia Hoaldridge, NCCC Director of Publications and a member of Cowtown Vettes in the Southwest Region, won the 50/50 Raffle at the September 10, 2005 Governors Meeting. She has donated $100.00 of her winnings to the First Baptist Church relief project listed below under the Organizations looking for assistance.

Donations made by NCCC Member Clubs
Patsy Shearer of the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club in the Florida Region reports that the Club has donated $1,000.00 to the Salvation Army. They have also donated $500.00 to the local sharing center to assist evacuees who are moving in to the Brevard County area and will be attending their schools. They would like to see other Corvette Clubs equal or match their donations.

Elaine Heretta of Corvette Cleveland in the East Ohio Region reports that the Club along with other East Ohio Region Members filled the bottom of a tractor trailer with donations of food and clothing on September 5, 2005. Three tractor trailers have been filled through the Stark/Tuscarawas Restaurant Association and will be delivered to Churches in the Alabama and Mississippi area for distribution.

R J Schmieder of the Titusville Corvette Club in the Florida Region and an employee of Ecklers reports that the Club has donated $1,000.00 to the American Red Cross.
RJ states: "Living here in Florida we know hurricanes and what they can do. Those people need help in every form possible. Money to the Red Cross will be used wisely and for whomever needs it. If we were in the position, I certainly would be thankful for any help I could get. We all need to pitch in. Let's show them that the Corvette owners are open hearted and willing to help."

Gary Kelly, President of Badger State Vettes, Ltd. in the Midwest Region, reports that the Club donated $129.00 to the Red Cross by adding $100.00 to the proceeds from their September meeting 50/50 raffle.

Manny Montgomery, Governor of North Florida Corvette Association in the Florida Region reports that the Club donated $200.00 to the Red Cross on September 7th.

Rose Schmitt of the Wisconsin Corvette Club in the Midwest Region reports that the Club is helping out a family from New Orleans that was evacuated to Wisconsin. They consist of a mother and father and 3 children. The parents have gone out and gotten jobs and enrolled the kids in school. They are probably going to get an apartment through the Red Cross and the Club is helping with household goods, clothes and furniture for them.

Gary Brisbois, President of Heartland Corvette Association in the West Region, reports that the Club donated $1,000.00 to the Salvation Army.

Kathy Hedges of Corvettes of Temecula Valley in the West Coast Region reports that the Club has donated $2,000.00 to the American Red Cross.

Gary Jones, Charity Committee Chairman of the Nashville Corvette Club in the Southeast Region, reports that the Club has
      1. Donated 20 gift cards from Wal-Mart valued at $50.00 each to a church in Baton Rouge housing hurricane victims
      2. Donated $1,000.00 to the local Red Cross of Williamson County
      3. Donated $1,000.00 to the local Red Cross of Davidson County
      4. Donated $1,000.00 to the Salvation Army in Nashville
      5. Provided a pick-up truck of food to refugee families staying at a local motel in Nashville.

Glenn Hutchinson, President of Corvette of Naples in the Florida Region, reports that as of 10-28-05 the Club and its Members have donated $4,250.00 to the Katrina & Rita Hurricane Relief Funds in South Louisiana. One of the Club Members has also donated a 34' Travel Trailer to these victims. The Club is active in helping those less fortunate and children in need of medical care.

Gloria Reiffer of Capital City Corvette Club in the Michigan Region, reports that at their general membership meeting on September 7, 2005 the Club voted unanimously to contribute $500.00 of the Club's Funds to the American Red Cross to help Hurricane Katrina victims. At the end of the meeting the Members also "passed the hat" and $1,014 was raised. An additional $300.00 was received in the mail later bringing the total donated Relief Funds to $1,814.00.

Organizations looking for assistance with their efforts
Joan Godfrey of the Michiana Corvette Club in the Indiana Region would like to make you aware of the "Quilters Comfort America" relief project. They are accepting new or gently used Twin Size Blankets, Quilts and other Bedding.

John and Sue McGee of the Nashville Corvette Club in the Southeast Region would like to make you aware of the First Baptist Church relief efforts in Baton Rouge, LA. They, along with other churches in Baton Rouge, are giving Shelter and many other Services to Evacuees and their families. Their Web Site lists their needs and efforts. The McGee's daughter-in-law Kim has described in a letter the specific program for assisting the pregnant and new born evacuees put in the care of the Downtown Infant Shelter.

Contact made with NCCC Friends
NCCC President Roger Mitchell sent this e-mail to the Crescent City Corvette Club in New Orleans:
Our thoughts go out to you in this time of considerable hardship. We, in NCCC, hope that your families have been spared in the recent storm damage, and that your lives will return to normal sooner rather than later. As someone who has enjoyed the hospitality of Crescent City members beginning as early as 1987 and through the conduct of the NCCC National Convention in 1989, I know full well what a GREAT bunch of folks you are, and what a great city New Orleans is. You are missed in NCCC, but I have followed your thriving programs and we are all glad your group is doing well.
All for now. Let me know personally if there is anything Council can do to help!
You are STILL the BEST!
Roger Mitchell
President-National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.

On September 12, 2005 Roger received this "wonderful news" e-mail.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I am the President of the Club and we are still holding on to what we have left. Even though some of us have lost our corvettes we still have the closeness of our second family here and aboard. Terry Gilbert lost his 65 but his 57 was spared because of a lift in his garage and other members lost theirs, too. I mentioned Terry specifically because he is the one that held the club together when it was down to 7 members.
Once again thanks for your thoughts and prayers
Wayne Mo
President Crescent City Corvette Club

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