The NCCC Membership Card History

~ The 1961 Gold Card was issued in 1972 to the 22 newly designated Charter (not Founding) Members.
~ Membership Cards began in 1962 and were distributed through the NCCC Treasurer.
~ Lifetime Membership was first offered in 1982. They were issued a Certificate & a gold background NCCC Patch.
~ Individual Membership Numbers began with the 1970 Card, handwritten as shown on the 1970 Card.
Each Governor was given a supply of Cards and the Governor issued the last 3 digits of the Membership Number according to whatever order the Governor chose. According to a phone conversation with John Palladino, an NCCC Charter Member and the NCCC President in 1970, the Club Number part of the Membership Number was decided at a Governors Meeting in 1970 when all of the Governors present chose the number they wanted for their Club. If no one else wanted that number, it was granted. John said, for example, that he picked Number 11 for his Empire Corvette Club because that was his lucky number. Therefore his Club became E-011 since East (E) was the Region his Club was in at that time. Other Club Numbers were requested for whatever reason the Governor of a Club at that time decided was a good number for their Club. Therefore the number of a Club does not designate how long a Club has been a Member nor in what order Clubs became Members of NCCC. After that a Club was given a number by the Vice-President of Membership to fill in the vacant spot not requested that initial day or the next number in line or sometimes a number of a Club that dropped out of NCCC. Click here to see the incomplete and unofficial list of Club Numbers. PLEASE NOTE that the Founding Clubs and the Charter Clubs are not designated by the Number that designates their Club as an NCCC Member.
~ Beginning with the 1971 Card, the Membership Number was on the back of the Card.


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