The NCCC President's Award

The President's Award is the most prestigious award that a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) can receive. As stated on the President's Award Trophy:

The President's Award is presented annually to the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to NCCC for service to all our club members.

The President's Award trophy was donated to NCCC in 1961 by Gordon Miller & Associates. Gordon Miller & Associates was the official badge supplier to Chevrolet and the NCCC when NCCC was first formed. NCCC’s first 3 Presidents presented this award to the first 3 recipients at the 1964 NCCC Convention in Cadillac, Michigan.

The following is an excerpt from the Corvette News coverage of the 1964 NCCC Convention in its Vol. 8 No. 1 beginning on page 14 as well as the picture that appeared in that article.
For this special award, all three presidents were asked to choose their most valued council members. The Council’s first president, Richard Wolfe (Corvette Club of Michigan), presented Andy Baumgardner (Corvette-Cleveland) as his choice. Jim Hoppin (Capital City) past president, presented his award to Darwin Thomas (also of Capital City). Art Miller, current president, gave his award to Norm VanderPlaats (Corvette Club of Battle Creek).

HISTORY NOTE: Appearing left to right are John Miller and Gordon B. Miller of Gordon Miller & Associates
and 1964-1965 NCCC President Arthur F. Miller. Arthur was not related to John and Gordon.

The President’s Award continues to be awarded each year at the NCCC Annual Convention. The trophy includes the names of all of the presenters and recipients and the early names were engraved directly on the silver bowl. Currently the trophy does not include the corvette and the original silver bowl has been placed on a new base with engraved plates to accommodate the ever growing list of Presidents and Recipients. It appears from pictures of past presentations that 1989 was the first year the trophy was filled with “goodies” from the previous year’s recipient to the current year’s recipient.

Recipients relinquish the President's Award trophy (filled with “goodies”) to the next year’s recipient and receive a permanent personal token of remembrance award.

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