The NCCC Past Presidents' Award

The first NCCC Past Presidents' Award was awarded at the 2003 Convention by immediate Past President Richard "Dick" Yanko. The Award is intended to recognize the efforts of those individuals whom may not have been previously honored on the national level. The efforts of nominated individuals will have made a valuable and/or lasting impact on NCCC. Accomplishments may be at the local, regional or national level.

Annually the current president appoints a Chairman and the Chairman selects a minimum of two additional active past presidents to serve as the selection committee. The Chairman is responsible for setting the procedures for the selection committee. In the opinion of the selection committee, (consisting of a minimum of three active past presidents), individuals considered for this award are standouts and upon mention of their names, are easily recognized by our membership as being deserving.

Under no circumstances is tenure in any position considered as reason enough for this award. For all intent purposes, first consideration is always given to those that have not been previously awarded any other national award.

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