The Power Points linked below are those that I personally created (using Power Point 2003) to be presented as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2009 at the 50th Convention in Colorado Springs, CO. Even though they are copyrighted by law, I would rather have them available for the enjoyment of the NCCC Membership. Feel free to download any or all of them to use at your Regional and/or Club events or to just keep for your own enjoyment. I would greatly appreciate it if you would not republish any one, any part of one or all of them. Do feel free, however, to link this page

Some of the Power Points are rather large in size (as shown on each line) and if time permits I may try to reduce the size of those that could use a downsizing. For now, the downloads may take a little while depending on their size.


Joan Thomas
NCCC Webmaster 2004 to 2016

Introduction to the Evening  (15.5 MB)  (09-08-2011)
NCCC Charter Members  (4.52 MB)  (09-08-2011)
President's Award Winners  (28.4 MB)  (09-08-2011)
Don Hoskins Award Winners  (11.9 MB)  (09-08-2011)
Roger Clancy Award Winners  (25.2 MB)  (09-08-2011)
Past Presidents' Award Winners  (11.7 MB)  (09-08-2011)
National Competition Champions  (16.9 MB)  (09-08-2011)

NCCC Elected Officers  (58.9 MB)  (02-07-2012)
02-07-2012 ~ Added the new VP-Competition and new Secretary
02-07-2012 ~ Updated to 2012 Office Holders

NCCC Appointed Officers  (7.91 MB)  (02-07-2012)
02-07-2012 ~ Updated to 2012 Office Holders
NCCC Conventions

NCCC Convention Directors  (41.4 MB)  (02-07-2012)
10-31-2011 ~ Updated 1973 & 1989 Directors
02-07-2012 ~ Added the 2012 Convention Director

NCCC Convention Treasurers  (11.8 MB)  (02-07-2012)
02-07-2012 ~ Added the 2012 Convention Treasurer

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