A Time to Remember !
NCCC celebrated its 50th Anniversary
with a week long celebration during
NCCC's 50th Convention in Colorado Springs, CO
August 8 thru 14, 2009

Once again, NCCC showed what this organization is really all about with its members working together to put on the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Convention 2009 in Colorado Springs.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everybody for all of their help from start to finish of the 50th Anniversary Celebration journey. Everybody includes those that helped track down addresses and contact information, those that furnished memorabilia ranging from Blue Bars and other magazines to Convention patches and pins, those that shared stories and pictures from the past, those that identified people in pictures and especially all those that chipped in at Colorado Springs to organize the display towers, assemble the display boards, set everything up, move things inůmove things outůmoves things in again, tear down and put everything away.

There are too many people to personally name because we are old and don't remember much any more so we would probably forget someone. You know who you are. Please give yourself a pat on the back. You made us smile and we really appreciate those that took the time to tell us how much they enjoyed everything.

Every effort will be taken to post the Power Points from the Sunday evening program to the NCCC Web Site and we are also looking to post pictures from the week. (Please send a CD with all of the pictures you care to share with your fellow NCCC members to Joan at her address in Blue Bars)

We are still collecting things from the past and attempting to make contact with those we initially could not track down. Keep your eye on the lists below in case you can provide additional information or memorabilia.

NCCC History is being created every day. It is up to all of us to continue making it as memorable as the first 50 years.

Thank you!

Larry Beebe
Joan Thomas

A huge thank you to our Committee!

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