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Meet Payton (FCOA 2017)
Payton at 4 weeks old looks like she's got her eye on Grandma Neal's Barbie Corvettes!
At 2 1/2 months she wears her first Corvette T-shirt that Grandpa & Grandma Neal brought back from NCCC's 2002 Convention in Indianapolis. Payton wants everyone to know
"When I grow up...I'm driving a Corvette. Look Out!"

Here's Payton with Jace (FCOA 3072) on Grandma Di and the late Papa Don's 2000 Millenium Yellow convertible ("YLOFEVR"). As you can see, they are already Iowa Hawkeye fans ~ very fitting for the grandkids of Cedar Rapids Corvette Club members.

Meet Breyona (FCOA 2018) and
Aubree (FCOA 2019)
Look Out! Here are two more FCOA members with
"When I grow up...I'm driving a Corvette!"
T-shirts! Grandma Di and Papa Don bought their T-shirts at NCCC's 2002 Convention in Indianapolis.

Meet Austyn (FCOA 2022)
His Aunt Di says that Austyn likes to put money in his bank ~ hmmm, wonder if he's already starting to save for that first Corvette!

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Heather (Honored FCOA 2100)

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  Caitlin (Honored FCOA 2200)

Meet Hannah (FCOA 2261)
Hannah and her big sister Caylie (FCOA 1711) show their Corvette in June 2004 at the Corvettes at Corsa show.
Their Daddy Tim (FCOA 0123) and Mommy Cherri are members of Corvette Cleveland in the East Ohio Region.

Summer of 2007 found Hannah sharing the back of her grandparents' 2003 Corvette with her sister
Caylie (FCOA 1711) &
her first cousins once removed
Amanda (FCOA 3672),
Lindsey (FCOA 3673) &
Leah (FCOA 3674).

Meet Trevor (FCOA 2298)
Looks like 5-year old Trevor is pretty proud of this bright, shiny 1976 Stingray! His very cool T-shirt says it all: he was born to drive a Vette! Trevor and his grandpa have two Corvettes, this '76 and a 2003 Z06. His Grandpa and Grandma Powers are members of Pomona Valley Corvette Association in the West Coast Region.

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Meet Colton (FCOA 2313)
Colton is only the third "driver" of his Grandparents' 2003 50th Anniversary convertible. Grandpa & Grammy Walker are members of Cowtown Vettes in the Southwest Region.

Meet Dacian (FCOA 2331)
Looks like Dacian is all set to rev up Grandpa Long's 1990 convertible and take it for a spin! His Grandpa bought his first Vette in 1973 and joined San Jacinto Corvette Club at that time.

Meet Cayley (FCOA 2332)
Here's Cayley sitting in her Nanaw's 2001 Torch Red convertible.
Nanaw is a member of Cowtown Vettes in the SW Region.

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Heath (Honored FCOA 2400)

Meet Connor (FCOA 2454)
Connor is all buckled in and ready to go for a ride in Grampa Carnell's 1976 Vette! His grandparents are Members-at-Large in the Florida Region.

Meet Dylan (FCOA 2496)
Looks like Dylan might be practicing winking at the girls as they walk by during Corvettes at the Diamond in Round Rock, Texas! His Grandpa & Grandma Griffin are members of Cen-Tex Corvette Club in the Southwest Region.

Meet Braeden (FCOA 2497)
Braeden is getting ready for his very first ride in a Corvette at the Corvette Summer Celebration Show in Georgetown, Texas. His Grandpa & Grandma Griffin are members of Cen-Tex Corvette Club in the Southwest Region.

Meet Jack (FCOA 2500) and Laura (FCOA 2499)
Laura and Jack enjoy "driving" this cool silver 79 L-82 Vette. Their Mom and Dad are Members of Mid-Illinois Corvette Club in the Midwest Region.
Dad is the Club Governor and also the Midwest Region RE.

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