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Meet Ben (FCOA 1756) and
Nikki (FCOA 1757)
Ben and Nikki are big C5-R fans.   Lucky kids ~ they were at the 2001 Rolex-24 at Daytona and 2001 Sebring! Their Dad is a Member-at-Large in the Florida Region and gave them each an FCOA membership for their birthday.

Meet Chad (FCOA 1766)
Chad spent a great day in July 2002 at Windy City Corvettes' Corvette Show. Besides all the show Corvettes, a highlight of the show was the Corvette Heritage Tour. Chad is seen here with the #64 C-5 R Corvette on display.

Meet Natalie (FCOA 1798) and Ross (FCOA 1799)

Natalie and Ross are shown here with their Grandpa's 1986 Corvette.
Their Grandpa is a member of the Corvette Club of Texas in the Southwest Region. 

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Bonnie (Honored FCOA 1800)

Meet Abel (FCOA 1851)
Abel is hard at work polishing the wheels of his Grandpa & Grandma's Corvette! His Grandparents are members of Corvettes of Southern California in the West Coast Region.

Meet Amanda Lynn (FCOA 1852)
This is Amanda Lynn when she was just 3 weeks old!   Her Grandpa is a member of Corvettes of Southern California and insists that he taught her the WAVE!

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Meet Bradley (FCOA 1901)
Bradley looks like he's ready to jump behind the wheel of Grandpa's 1997 Vette in a few years. Bradley's Grandpa is a member of Corvette Cleveland in the East Ohio Region.

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Nikki (Honored FCOA 2000)

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