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Meet Carter Jacob (FCOA 1512)
Carter Jacob is the first grandchild of the Hankins who are members of Corvette Club of Kansas City in the West Region.  Papa Vette can't wait until Carter's parents allow him to get behind the wheel of his Corvette!

Meet Andrew (FCOA 1543)
Andrew & his dad think it's pretty cool that Grandpa & Grandma just picked up their brand new 2003 50th Anniversary coupe! Grandpa & Grandma are members of the Cedar Rapids Corvette Club in the West Region

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Heather (Honored FCOA 1600)

Meet Jordon Michelle (FCOA 1644)
Jordon Michelle is thinking about her next ride in her grandparents' 1999 Vette! Her T-shirt says it all ~ she'll be driving a Vette someday! Jordan's Grandpa & Grandma are members of Corvette Coventry of SW Michigan in the Michigan Region.

Meet Miranda (FCOA 1671)
Miranda is just hanging out by her Grandparents' 1984 Corvette on a nice sunny day. Her Grandpa & Grandma are members of Oklahoma City Corvette Club in the Southwest Region. 

Meet Robert (FCOA 1672)
Robert also got a chance to pose with that shiny '84 Vette! He looks like he's thinking about what he'd really like to be doing with that Vette! Grandpa & Grandma are members of Oklahoma City Corvette Club in the Southwest Region. 

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Meet Caylie (FCOA 1711)
Caylie and her little sister Hannah (FCOA 2261) show their Corvette in June 2004 at the Corvettes at Corsa show.
Their Daddy Tim (FCOA 0123) and Mommy Cherri are members of Corvette Cleveland in the East Ohio Region.

Summer of 2007 found Caylie sharing the back of her grandparents' 2003 Corvette with her sister
Hannah (FCOA 2261) &
her first cousins once removed
Amanda (FCOA 3672),
Lindsey (FCOA 3673) &
Leah (FCOA 3674).

Meet Patrick (FCOA 1713)
Patrick is from the Corvette Club of Arizona.  Patrick collects hot wheels and matchbox cars. While at a car show in Seattle he told his mom which cars and trucks to take pictures of. Sounds like he has already got the "cool car bug"! 

Meet Anthony (FCOA 1726)
Anthony Frank became a member of FCOA when he was just a few hours old!  Grandpa made sure of that!   Since his Mom is also a member of NCCC, you just know what his favorite car is going to be. He's been at a few Speed Events already ~ sleeping his way through them. His Grandpa is a member of Corvette Club of Michigan, one of the oldest Clubs in NCCC.

Meet Perry (FCOA 1727) and
Gianna (FCOA 1728)
Perry & Gianna enjoyed posing on top of this mid-year on display at Disney World ~ never can do that when dad's showing his modified 1981! Their parents are members of Windy City Corvettes in the Midwest Region.  

Meet Keeleigh Danielle (FCOA 1743)
Keeleigh Danielle sure looks like she's about ready to go for a ride in her Great-Grandparents' 1998 Vette. Her Great-Grandparents are members of Colorado River Corvette Club in the Roadrunner Region. 

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