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Meet Delaney (FCOA 1266)
Delaney was the last new FCOA member of the 20th Century. Her parents are members of Cornhuskers Corvette Club in the West Region.

Meet Courtney (FCOA 1267)
Courtney was the first new FCOA member of the 21st Century ~ her parents are members of Corvette Coventry of SW Michigan in the Michigan Region.

Meet Chris (FCOA 1283)
Chris looks like he's making sure that 2000 Vette is 
sparkling clean! His Dad is a member of Badger State Vettes in the Midwest Region.

Meet Kelsi (FCOA 1299) and Zach (FCOA 1300)

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Meet Alyssa (FCOA 1308)
Alyssa likes to help Grandpa play in his Toy Box and help Mom and Dad with the triplet brothers Ethan (FCOA 2800) and Seth (FCOA 2801) and sister Aleah (FCOA 2802).
Their proud Grandparents, Lois and Galen, are long-time members of Lancaster County Corvette Club in the East Region.

Meet Chandler (FCOA 1338)
Chandler looks like he's ready for some cruising! His Grandparents are members of Tiretown Corvette Club in the East Ohio Region.

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Meet Roark (FCOA 1413) and Fox (FCOA 1414)
They love Legos and built this Air Craft Carrier from a kit they got from their Aunt who is a Chief in the Navy. Their Grandparents, Jim and Joan, are members of the Northern Illinois Corvette Club in the Midwest Region.

Meet Ryan (FCOA 1420)
Soon Ryan will be asking Grandpa for a ride in one of his Vettes. His Grandpa is a member of Corvette Coventry of SW Michigan in the Michigan Region.

Meet Will (FCOA 1429)
Will is from Desert Corvette Association in the Roadrunner Region. His Grandparents are Joe and Jewell "Sail Kitty Maker" and Laurie "TEX" is his Aunt. Will lives in Texas with his Mom & Dad & Sister Tinsley. Will loves baseball and is a pitcher, short stop and catcher for the BRAVES. Will has been in love with Corvettes since he was 8 years old! He can recognize all years of Corvettes and can hear one coming from blocks away!  Will is a Corvette Kid!

Where are (FCOA 1438) and (FCOA 1439) ??
Pictured here with their Grandkids are Peg and Bill from the Tiretown Corvette Club in the East Ohio Region. All of the Kids are FCOA Kids and 2 of them are actually FCOA 1438 and FCOA 1439!

Meet Leanne (FCOA 1443)
Leanne is hard at work helping Grandpa with his Vette. Her Grandpa is a member of Corvettes West in the West Coast Region.

Meet James (FCOA 1470)
James gets all excited when the engine on the 2000 Vette revs up and loves to pretend that he is driving this new Vette. His parents are Members-at-Large in the Southwest Region.

Meet Mac (FCOA 1480)
Mac's FCOA membership was a baby gift from his parents' club, Lanier  Corvettes Unlimited in the Southeast Region.

Meet Brennan (FCOA 1482)
Brennan's Grandparents are Peg & Bill from Tiretown Corvette Club in the East Ohio Region.

Meet Maggie (FCOA 1495) and Margo (FCOA 1496)
They are enjoying Grandpa's '61 Chevy. Grandpa & Grandma are members of
Central Florida Corvette Association in the Florida Region.

Meet Andrew (FCOA 1500) and Allison (FCOA 1499)
They are seen here with the 1996 Collector Edition belonging to their Uncle Dave & Aunt Joan who are founding members of Windy City Corvettes in the Midwest Region. Andrew is wearing a T-shirt from ProTeam Corvette Sales, a long-time contributor to the FCOA program.

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Andrew (Honored FCOA 1500)

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