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2017 Club Newsletter Contest


NCCC Club Newsletters are a vital means of communicating Club Activities, and Regional and National NCCC events. It is usually the first place club members go to find out what’s going on in their Club or NCCC. Newsletter Editors repeatedly invest a significant amount of time and effort to publish their Newsletters in a timely manner. The NCCC Newsletter Contest is an opportunity to recognize the clubs and editors for their efforts. We encourage all the clubs to participate in the 2017 Newsletter Contest. Below you’ll find the rules for the 2017 contest and info on where to send your submissions. The RE Committee, which provides the judging, believes this contest is an excellent way to recognize the hard work and effort put into keeping a club’s members informed.

A TIP: please read the rules and understand the submission time lines and the 6 areas for which points are awarded. This year something new; we’ve attached a table which gives ideas for items you might want to include in each of these 6 areas. Remember - each of the six areas carries the same number of points.

As always, if you have questions about the contest or if I can be of help with any NCCC related matters please send me an e-mail or give me a call.

Kathy Brisbois
NCCC Parliamentarian


1.  Each NCCC Club entering the contest must submit three (3) issues within the period of January through May 2017. Entries may be e-mailed in a PDF format or mailed via USPS. The contest will be limited to the first Fifty (50) entries sent to the Judges.
If you intend to enter the contest please email the Name of the Club Newsletter as well as the Name, E-Mail Address and Phone Number of the Club Newsletter Editor to the Judges using before March 1st; doing so will alert us to make sure your newsletters are received.

2.  Each Newsletter must include a simple cover sheet that identifies the page (s) where information on the specific judged categories can be found. (See example)
If emailed, a separate PDF attachment may be used or it may be included in the body of the email used to send the newsletter. If USPS is used just include the sheet in the envelope with the newsletter.
This is needed because with the electronic copy the newsletters got so big the judges couldn’t find the specific content to judge. See the 6 areas that each newsletter is judged on below. This will also help you to determine if you are including all the judged content in your newsletter to get maximum points.

   3.  If using USPS we ask that you place your newsletter in an envelope as several past entries have been damaged in mailing. Each newsletter should be clearly marked "Newsletter Contest Entry". No registered, certified, return receipt, postage due type mailings will be accepted. If you are emailing your newsletter please state “Newsletter Contest Entry” in the subject line. Addresses of Judges are listed below.

   4.  If using email, will send your email to all 3 Judges.

   5.  The entries should be sent out, one issue at a time as timely as possible.

   6.  The first issue must be sent no later than March 15, 2017.
       The final issue must be sent no later than June 1, 2017.

   7.  Awards will be presented at the 2017 Convention in Bowling Green, KY.

   8.  A list of the Winners and all Entrants will appear on the NCCC Web Site and in Blue Bars.


Entries will be judged on content and completeness in the following categories:
Local News: News of your Club
Technical News: Repair, Replacement, Restoration, Technical Information
Charity News: Charity news and Contributions for Club, Region or National
NCCC News: Items concerning National Council (NCCC)
Regional News: Your Region news or other Regional news
Composition: Structure and content and readability of your magazine

Scoring will be on a 10-point scale starting at zero with points added for each category with 10 being the highest. Please make sure to identify each topic in your cover sheet, as this will help the judge find your content and to insure you receive appropriate credit. If possible it is helpful if advertisements and pictures can be reduced for the judged copy.
Please keep photos and advertisements to a minimum
in the editions sent to the judges.

Below are some additional points the Judges look for when reviewing your Newsletter copies

NCCC Newsletter Contest Guide
Local News Tech News Charity News
Introduction of Officers Detailed Technical Articles Club Fund Raising Efforts
Officers Reports Maintenance and Restoration Tips Club Activities, non-fund raising
Club Minutes Car Care Product Reviews Member specific charitable efforts
Governor's Report New Model Corvette information Support of NCCC Charities
Calendar of events Future Corvette Articles and Photos Thank You Letters
Things To Do    
Birthdays and Anniversary    
Items For Sale    
Sponsor News    
Club Competition Points    
Convention Reports    
Social Event Reports    
An assortment of things that MAY be included in your Newsletter
NCCC News Regional News Composition
President's Report Officer Reports Structure/Columns, etc.  
Executive Board Reports Officers Contact Info Readability – Font
Appointed Officer Reports Calendar of Events Page Layout and Wasted Space
Membership Info Event Flyers  Content
NCCC Nat'l Comp Points Regional Activities Color on Color
FCOA Regional Banquet  
NCM Regional Comp. Points  
Family Helping Family program information Thank you notes to workers and participants  
Funfest/Carlisle etc. News Scholarships  
Convention Information    
Grants and Scholarships    


Larry Beebe
West Region RE
4504 North Gayman Avenue
Davenport, IA 52806

Larry Pagliaro
Midwest Region RE
9230 Carolina Lane
Orland Park, IL 60462-1374

Debbie Haskell
Carolina Region RE
112 Harvest Lane
Boiling Springs, SC 29316-7707

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