National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.
2016 Club Newsletter Contest Results

Place Club Region Newsletter Name
1st Nashville Corvette Club Southeast Tire Smoke
2nd Cowtown Vettes Southwest Cowtown Low-Down 
3rd Cornhuskers Corvette Club West Husker News 'N Views

  Additional Entrants in alphabetical order  
Club Region Newsletter Name
Cedar Rapids Corvette Club West Beyond the Glass
Cen-Tex Corvette Club  Southwest Glass Sass
Classical Glass Corvette Club  Northwest Under Glass
Competition Corvette Association  East Ohio The Checkered Flag 
Colorado Springs Corvette Club Rocky Mountain The Vette Set 
Corvette Club of Illinois Midwest Glass Reflections
Corvette Club of Iowa West Sportsmate 
Corvettes of Temecula Valley  West Coast Valley Vette Vue
Denver Corvette Association  Rocky Mountain Vette Gazette
Kalamazoo Corvette Club Randy Hamilton Newsletter
Lancaster County Corvette Club East   The EnCorvette Review
Las Vegas Corvettes Association  West Coast Newsvetter
Longhorn Corvette Club Southwest BULLetin
North East Ohio Corvette Club East Ohio Blue Flame
Rio Grande Corvette Club Roadrunner Newsletter


1.  Each NCCC Club entering the contest must submit three (3) issues within the period of January through May 2016. Entries may be emailed in a PDF format or mailed via USPS. The contest will be limited to the first Fifty (50) entries sent to the Judges.
If you intend to enter the contest please email the Name of the Club Newsletter as well as the Name, E-Mail Address and Phone Number of the Club Newsletter Editor to the Judges using before March 1st; doing so will alert us to make sure your newsletters are received.

2.  New This year: Each Newsletter must include a simple cover sheet that identifies the page (s) where information on the specific judged categories can be found. (See example)
If emailed, a separate PDF attachment may be used or it may be included in the body of the email used to send the newsletter. If USPS is used just include the sheet in the envelope with the newsletter.
This change is needed because with the electronic copy the newsletters got so big the judges couldn’t find the specific content to judge. See the 6 areas that each newsletter is judged on below. This will also help you to determine if you are including all the judged content in your newsletter to get maximum points.

  3.  If using USPS we ask that you place your newsletter in an envelope as several past entries have been damaged in mailing. Each newsletter should be clearly marked "Newsletter Contest Entry". No registered, certified, return receipt, postage due type mailings will be accepted. If you are emailing your newsletter please state “Newsletter Contest Entry” in the subject line. Addresses of Judges are listed below.

  4.  If using email, will send your email to all 3 Judges.

  5.  The entries should be sent out, one issue at a time as timely as possible.

  6.  The first issue must be sent no later than March 15, 2016.
       The final issue must be sent no later than June 1, 2016.

  7.  Awards will be presented at the 2016 Convention in Omaha, NE.

  8.  A list of the Winners and all Entrants will appear on the NCCC Web Site and in Blue Bars.


Entries will be judged on content and completeness in the following categories:
Local News: News of your Club
Technical News: Repair, Replacement, Restoration, Technical Information
Charity News: Charity news and Contributions for Club, Region or National
NCCC News: Items concerning National Council (NCCC)
Regional News: Your Region news or other Regional news
Composition: Structure and content and readability of your magazine

Scoring will be on a 10-point scale starting at zero with points added for each category with 10 being the highest. Please make sure to identify each topic in your cover sheet, as this will help the judge find your content and to insure you receive appropriate credit. If possible it is helpful if advertisements and Pictures can be reduced for the judged copy. Last year I think one newsletter had about 30 pages of pictures.



Larry Beebe
West Region RE

Larry Pagliaro
Midwest Region RE

Glenn Hutchinson
Florida Region RE

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