The purpose of the Sanctioned Competition Program is to encourage interactivity between individual Corvette Clubs within the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC).
NCCC is operating the Sanctioned Competition Program to provide uniform and fair standards under which competition events may be sponsored  by individual Corvette Clubs.
The program depends entirely on voluntary participation by Clubs and Club Members. The set of rules will be made available to every Member of NCCC. The rules and regulations must be complied with in order for an event to be sanctioned by NCCC. Any local and regional rules that conflict with the rules are null and void.

Participants should remember that NCCC events are sporting events to be conducted in a sporting spirit; that all events are organized and managed by amateurs who cheerfully give their time to do their best; that the competitors may expect some imperfections of the organizers and of their fellow competitors; and that, to a reasonable extent, these things are a part of the chance they take in entering competition in the events.

NCCC 2017-2018 Competition Manual and 2019-2020 Red Line version (Rulebook)
Competition Forms are included in Chapter 12 of the Rulebook
Competition Committee Meeting Minutes have been moved to the Members Only webpage
Link to the NCCC Competition Events & Points Reporting
NCCC Competition Points Program History (1966-2016)
NCCC Official 1/4 Mile Drag Records
NCCC Official 1/8 Mile Drag Records
NCCC Insurance Information

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