The following Article appeared on page 28 in the Sept./Oct 1977 issue of Blue Bars
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Joe Odenweller Wins Corvette!

Considering the fact that this was a first time endeavor for NCCC, this year's M.D. Corvette raffle must be considered a great success.

Back in the March/April Blue Bars, the M.D. Committee, chaired by Roger Clancy, announced the plans for the raffling of a brand new 1977 Corvette. Tickets were printed for all to see, and the Committee also had them printed up for those who would not cut up their magazine. And sales were underway - however slowly.

By the time Convention rolled around, sales had picked up to the point that it remained an all NCCC raffle. Outsiders were ineligible. And, through the efforts of Roger and several helpers, well over $6,000 worth of tickets were sold during convention week alone. This made a profit for M.D. of over $3,500.

At Friday night's awards presentation, little Donna Carter, a victim of muscular dystrophy, drew out the ten finalists. An hour later the ten were diminished to just three. The bidding for tickets was hot and heavy. An offer of $2,000 per ticket was made provided that all three would sell, but there was one holdout.

Then Donna drew the one winning ticket - Joe Odenweller was the name on the ticket. He was standing not 20 feet away when the ticket was drawn, and, as fate would have it, he was the single holdout on the aforementioned sale. He must be psychic.

Our congratulations to Joe and his wife Joanne and to everyone who helped make the raffle a success. Chances are you can expect another one next year!

Eddie Wingo of Quality Chevrolet in Columbus, Ohio, presents the keys to NCCC Pres. Don Gibel.

Happy winners Joe and Joanne Odenweller of Glass Society, Lima, Ohio, are presented the grand prize

Roger's Report
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me with the Corvette raffle that was so successful the first time it was tried in Council. They are Jim Roberts, Dave Weaver, and Roy Fisher who were on the Committee. In addition a special thanks to Jay Lamka, for Blue Bars planning and promotion, and to Eddie Wingo of Quality Chevrolet in Columbus, Ohio, who took the car under his wing to see that any defects were taken care of.

Also, special thanks goes to Cliff Payne, Gary Daugherty, Beth Heck and Dave Amsden who were of great assistance to me during Convention week in the selling of tickets. Also, Dirty of Dallas bent over backwards to see that we had enough posters and other advertising at Convention.

I owe a great deal of thanks to Gary Bedra, without whose support, both before and during Convention, the entire promotion would not have been as successful as it was.

While raffle sales were lagging prior to Convention, a surprising number of tickets were sold at the Convention, which totaled $6,260 in one week!! This resulted in a net of $3,563.83 over the cost of the Corvette.

Not only did NCCC members who purchased tickets make it possible for one of their own to win a new Corvette, but also to donate a considerable sum to those children who are far less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks to everyone for the fine cooperation.

Roger Clancy
MD Chairman