Patrick Dolan
NCCC Director of Charity
1995 -2015
Hooked on the National Kidney Foundation
and their U.S. Transplant Games

Patrick Dolan is hooked on the National Kidney Foundation’s Olympic-style U. S. Transplant Games. Since 1996, he has joined hands with thousands of transplant recipients and donor families as they celebrate life and encourage organ donation.

This photo and article appear on this Web Site with the permission of the National Kidney Foundation.

What turned him on? Patrick’s commitment to the Games began with his interest in Corvettes and racing.

As a Corvette and racing enthusiast, Patrick joined the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) in 1968. With more than 18,000 members, the NCCC is the largest group of Corvette owners in the United States. For more than 20 years, this not-for-profit organization has conducted a nationwide Corvette raffle drawing to benefit a charitable organization. For the past several years, NCCC has selected the National Kidney Foundation’s U. S. Transplant Games as its beneficiary. Since 1995, under the leadership of Patrick Dolan, NCCC has raised more than a half a million dollars to support the U. S. Transplant Games. Says Patrick, “At the Transplant Games, you experience unbelievable emotional highs and lows—feeling the pain of donor families and the exhilaration of the transplant recipients and their families as they win medals and challenge themselves to compete at the highest level.” Patrick notes that selling raffles is easy when people learn that the cause is the National Kidney Foundation and the Transplant Games.

Patrick committed this time and energy to NCCC with the same enthusiasm he had reserved for his family and profession. As a retiree from the Michigan State Police, head of his own investment firm, husband and father of two teenage daughters, Patrick used what little time remained each day to climb the ranks of NCCC. He began as a Regional Competition Director, became President of NCCC in 1991 and in 1996 was appointed as the Director of Charities.


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