A Welcome Letter from the NCCC President

Thank you for viewing our web site. We have a lot to offer! Give us a look.

The National Council of Corvette Clubs is an all volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of the constituent clubs and their individual members. We are Corvette clubs, large and small, comprising sixteen regions with over 270 individual clubs, and thousands of active members. We offer many activities to enhance almost any Corvette ownership experience. This web site can give you insight into these various activities. It represents the enthusiasm, excitement and family that is NCCC.

There are many benefits that permit clubs and their members to confidently pursue the activities that interest them. We provide a comprehensive insurance program that can cover most any activity that a club might want to promote. Our competition sanction program is a great way to discover the performance aspects of your Corvette. It includes showing, parading, touring and even racing.

Each year a group of volunteers stages a National Convention where NCCC members from the entire country can gather for a week of high powered Corvette fun. Many of these events are sponsored by significant Corvette related businesses that contribute to the experience.

A membership includes our quarterly magazine “Blue Bars” which features member’s cars, club activities, results and Regional news. It is a great source of information and a substantial historical record. We support the Future Corvette Owners Association for younger enthusiasts up to age sixteen. We have local clubs that support worthwhile charities and sponsor countless events to the benefit of their communities. Nationally, we support the National Kidney Foundation by a new Corvette Raffle.

Contact information is posted here. Membership information too! If you have a comment or question, please let us know.

Enjoy your Corvette and enjoy the Corvetters. Both are America’s best.

Hal Bellamy
National Council of Corvette Clubs

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