What Now?

January 18, 2006

In 2004 we had fun with the What's New on the NCCC Web Site? Contest that was designed to introduce you to the new look and feel of the NCCC Web Site.
In 2005 we continued to discover the new make up of the NCCC Web Site with the What's Next? on the NCCC Web Site Contest that took entrants on a trip all over the Web Site and introduced everyone to information that was now just a click away.
Today I launched the What Now? Web Site Contest (Contest Closed 2-22-06) and have opened this Contest up to all NCCC Members (including the E-Board) and their families.
Deb Murphy of Tiretown Corvette Club in the East Ohio Region and NCCC Treasurer was the winner of the Contest.  Her name was drawn from all Entrants that scored 21 points or higher and received a really cool pair of Corvette Socks and a Dale Earnhardt Travel Mug.
I hope you enjoy this new trip around the Web Site.  As with the first 2 Contests, this new Contest is mainly an exercise in finding what information you can discover posted on the NCCC Web Site or on one of the linked Regional Web Sites. Any Contest question involving a specific NCCC Member, Region or Club was done randomly and was not intended to show any preference or favoritism.

A lot has happened to your Web Site since I became your Webmaster in August, 2004. I initiated changes so your Web Site is a source of "now time" information for all NCCC Members. I still rely on the two main news type features of What's New on the NCCC Web Site? and The Latest News for NCCC Members links on the Home Page. Those of you who are regularly using these two links have discovered how useful they are and what important features they are for all of us. Today is January 18th and there has been new information posted 13 of these January days.

There have been many changes and there are even more to come. Posting NCCC Forms & Insurance Forms, Charity News, Member Articles, Application Forms and Job Descriptions for Officers, Meeting Schedules, Abridged Minutes and Competition Event Logs are just some of the many additions.
I have stated before that I want to get a network going among all of the Regional and Club Webmasters and myself to share expertise and ideas and have a connection with others who know what Webmasters go through. It is also time for us to work to coordinate the NCCC Information we post for our Members so that they are getting consistent and current NCCC information whether by the NCCC, Regional or Club Web Sites. Therefore,

There will be a Web Site discussion get together from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 or so on Friday, February 24, 2006 in St. Louis. The purpose of the get together is to address the flow of NCCC Information between Web Sites. I will be e-mailing invitations to all of the E-Board Members, the Regional Officers and the Regional Webmasters asking them to attend and join in the discussions. Any Club Webmaster is more than welcome to join in the discussions. The get together will also be open to any other NCCC Member that would like to listen in. Please send me an e-mail if you think you may be joining us.

The Web Site Get Together was a great success. E-Board Members, Regional Officers and Regional Webmasters along with other interested NCCC Members joined me in a discussion focused mainly on the coordination of information presented on the NCCC Web Site and the NCCC Regional Web Sites. In the near future, there will be information distributed putting forth the initial goals set forth by this gathering.  Thank you to everyone that showed an interest in this meeting!

Keep sending me your ideas and your requests. Nothing is impossible but not everything is possible either. Every new suggestion is thought out carefully before changes or additions are made.  The NCCC Web Site, Regional Web Sites and Club Web Sites are open 24 Hours a day and are prepared with you in mind.  Stop by regularly for a visit....but you'll have to bring the drinks and munchies!!

Enjoy the new contest and Good Luck!

Joan Thomas
NCCC Webmaster

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