What's Next?
January 5, 2005 (Contest information added 2-28-05)

I finally launched the much promised  What's Next? Contest today. (Ended 2-19-05)
Tom Reitz, Governor of Route 66 Corvette Club in the Midwest Region was the winner and received two Corvette Traveling Mugs. His name was drawn from all entrants scoring at least 21 points. Congratulations, Tom, and thank you to all who entered.

Since August, 2004 I have been planning and initiating changes to your Web Site to start the process of having the NCCC Web Site be a source of "now time" information for NCCC Members. The two main new features are the What's New on the NCCC Web Site? and The Latest News for NCCC Members links on the Home Page. Those of you who have already been using those links have discovered how useful they already are and what they will mean to all of us as we head into the busy times of 2005 and every new year from hereon.  Those of you that have not been using those links...get with it! There have been many changes and there are even more to come. Checking out the new postings, new features, changes and information on a regular basis will keep you in on "now time" information. Look for lots of new information in the near future.

The new Contest is mainly an exercise in finding what information you can discover posted on the NCCC Web Site or on one of the linked Regional Web Sites or further on to NCCC Club Web Sites. As you browse all the necessary pages to discover the answers to the questions take special note how each Region and each Club has their own personality. Even so, you will find one common thread.....
Dedicated Volunteers
Fun Members
Generous Members
Creative Members
.....and really cool Corvettes.....and really happy people.
Don't be afraid to send an e-mail via one of their links to let them know you visited and you like what you see or got a great idea for your Club because of something you saw that they did as a Region or a Club. I'd love to have you Cc: a copy of your e-mail to me so I can enjoy the Web Site connection.

I have let it known that I want to get a network going among all of the Regional and Club Webmasters and myself to share expertise and ideas and have a connection with others who know what Webmasters go through. The full network is coming but I have been in contact with quite a few for various reasons and they are pretty great NCCC Members.  They give a lot of time to their Clubs, Regions and the NCCC organization and a lot of times go unnoticed. Send them a Thank You note when you think of it. I'm sure they will smile!

I am in the process of updating the 2005 NCCC Officers Page and ask you to be patient as I gather information and pictures. What is there right now is functional as an Officers Page but I have a lot more to add. One of the other new Web Site features is in the Web Site E-mail Addresses for the Officers. If you click on an e-mail link on the Officers Page you'll see that Web Site initiated e-mails are now being directed to the @corvettesnccc.org address that has been set up for each Officer. I am changing these links on other pages as I come across them. The e-mail addresses you have for the Officers in your Address Book are still valid. Those addresses are just not going to be included in the Web Site anymore.

Take the time to check out the FCOA Web Site that is linked on the NCCC Web Site Home Page. Pat Kelly, the FCOA Director, and I have been trying to make timely changes with the seasons to that site to keep the kids interested. It would be great if you would encourage your FCOA kids to entertain themselves using the FCOA site.

Keep sending me your ideas and your requests. Nothing is impossible. The NCCC Web Site, Regional Web Sites and Club Web Sites are open 24 hours a day for your assistance and enjoyment! Take advantage of them when you can't sleep in the middle of the night. They are far better than infomercials!

Enjoy the new contest and Good Luck!

Joan Thomas
NCCC Webmaster

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