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NCCC Salutes Tom and Viki Glazer
1980 National Champions

After winning the overall NCCC Points Championships for 1979, it was only logical (?) that Tom and Viki Glazer defend their championship for 1980, this time with their new 1980 Corvette the SNOVET.

"Snovet" was delivered early in November of 1979 and shortly thereafter was taken to a body shop in Fremont, Michigan, called Vette Fantastics and repainted with Chevrolet Corvette white, candy red stripes, and sealed with clear lacquer. The interior is red leather and Eckler moon-roofs top her off. She is a stock L-48 350 automatic and is "pure as the driven snow." Viki drives her every day, all year around, even during the winter months up in Michigan.

The Glazer's started the competition year in early January and wrapped up the year the second weekend in December at a Huntsville, Alabama airport. Statistically the "Snovet" was entered in 105 events and logged over 25,000 travel miles (once around the world). They competed in Michigan (home being Royal Corvettes of Western Michigan), Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri. They participated in all types of events again this year and found that "Snovet' can get up to 51.3 MPG at Economy Runs. The majority of the events entered, however, were speed events. Tom & Viki took first place at such tracks as Michigan International, Grattan, Owosso Speedway, Spartan Speedway, Waterford Hills and Hartford in Michigan, Daytona Speedway in Florida, and Mid-Ohio and Nelson Ledges in Ohio, just to name a few.

After running so many events, they seem to become one big blur; however, there were a few memorable occasions that really stood out. First, there was an FTD Rallye ran in the suburbs of Chicago on a Sunday afternoon, and also the Hound and Hare Rallye in Cincinnati in March, just after they got 9 inches of snow that closed the city down!

Then there was Convention in Orlando. Tom and Viki took home six trophies - three firsts, one second, one third and a sixth place. It was hard to believe they won the rallye, especially after having to get up at 4:30 AM to make sure they would have enough time to drink gallons of coffee to wake up with! By the way, this was the second convention rallye in a row Tom had won. Can you imagine how difficult it is to live with the "world's greatest navigator?" Also at convention Viki tied for the Quadra-Challenge trophy. On the way home they stopped in Ohio and ran a parking lot speed event where Tom won his class. Viki won her class too, but also beat Tom!

One weekend in November the Glazers traveled from Nelson Ledges in Ohio on a Saturday down to Gadsden, Alabama. Then, after just two hours of sleep ran two Sunday speed events there. Then, to the amazement of Mr. Larry Crowe, drove back down to Alabama to run two speed events in the driving rain and cold fall weather. Of course, Larry didn't realize he was as foolish as they were to stand there all day and watch them!

Toward the end of the year, Tom & Viki drove to St. Louis talk about a fantastic group of people! After racing on Saturday, they had a super party and made them feel like they were really at home.
Viki says, "Actually, everywhere we traveled, there was a super group of people there to welcome us. I do believe because of the friendliness that was shown to us, the camaraderie and the enthusiasm directed to us, and also the fact that Tom and I were working toward achieving a common goal, that we were able to accomplish what we did."

"One thing that National points do achieve, that Tom and I don't think the majority of people realize, is the fellowship and enthusiasm that they generate. Looking back, even on all those miles traveled and the sleep we missed, or the sacrifices that we had to make in order to continue on with our quest, there are no regrets. Hopefully, in the coming years with National Council, others will have the opportunity to experience what we have over the past two years."

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