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2008 NCCC Club Web Site Contest
Rules, Guidelines and Entry Procedure

Many NCCC Clubs have obtained a domain name and rely on a Club Webmaster to maintain a Web Site for their Membership and other Visitors. These Club Web Sites, along with the Region Web Sites and the NCCC Web Site have become valuable tools for the NCCC organization and its Members. The NCCC Annual Club Web Site Contest was begun in 2005 to honor the efforts put forth by these Clubs to promote their Club, their Region and NCCC. As in previous years, Club Web Sites entered in the 2008 Contest will be judged mainly on content, however, overall appearance will be considered. Promotion of NCCC, the Club’s NCCC Region and NCCC’s FCOA program will be a plus as well as timely Club information.

2008 Rules
1. The NCCC 2008 Club Web Site Contest entry will open March 2, 2008 and close on May 2, 2008. Any NCCC Club that is in good standing with NCCC and has a Club Web Site may enter the Contest. Steps One and Two for Entry must be properly followed and these Steps are spelled out in the 2008 Web Site Contest Entry Procedure & Form document linked below.
HOWEVER ~ No Club Web Site may win the NCCC Club Web Site Contest in consecutive years.

2. The Judges for the 2008 Contest as approved by the Board of Governors on March 1, 2008 are:
Dennis Berg
Michiana Corvette Club
Indiana Region
Jerry Hagemeier
Great River Corvette Club
Midwest Region
Wallace Hall
Cedar Rapids Corvette Club
West Region
A Judge's Club Web Site may be entered in the Contest and the NCCC Webmaster will judge that Web Site
in lieu of the Judge from that Club.

3. All Club Web Sites that are entered will be linked to the NCCC Web Site under Awards to Earn & Contests to Enter between May 3, 2008 and July 7, 2008 (or longer) for the enjoyment of all of the Membership.

4. Judging will take place between May 3, 2008 and June 3, 2008. Scoring by each Judge will be on a 10-point scale with 10 being the highest. Judges will all follow the same Scoring Sheet. They will be allowed to award Bonus Points for what they feel is outstanding Web Site content not covered on the Scoring Sheet. Bonus Points (1 point to 5 points) may be awarded no more than 4 times for a Total of 20 possible Bonus Points. The NCCC Webmaster will tally all of the Points awarded by the Judges and determine the Winner. The NCCC Webmaster's decision will be final.

5. The Winner and all of the Entrants will be announced and the Winner's 1st Place Award along with the 2nd and 3rd Place Awards will be presented on June 27, 2008 at the NCCC Convention Banquet in Tulsa, OK.

6. The Place Winners and a list of the all entrants will appear on the NCCC Web Site and also be published in Blue Bars.

7. Zip Products has again agreed to be the Contest Sponsor. In return for their Sponsorship, the Place Winners of the Contest must have agreed on the Entry Form to place the Zip Products Logo and create a link to the Zip Products Web Site on their Club Web Site Home Page. Such Logo and Link must remain for one year or until the NCCC 2009 Web Site Contest Winners are announced (whichever is the longer period of time).

8. The Club Governor must complete Step One for Entry. The Club Governor and the Club Webmaster must complete and mail the Form(s) in Step Two for Entry that includes the agreement to the Home Page Link in No. 7 above. This may be 2 mailings…one from the Governor and one from the Webmaster but they both must be postmarked by May 15, 2008.

9. Realizing that Web Sites are at the mercy of their Web Site Host Server, any Club Web Site that is not accessible by the Judges will be attempted on three different days by each Judge before being eliminated.

Some of the things that the Judges will be looking for:
Identification of Club
Location of Club
Contact Information for Club and response time to E-mails
Club Meeting Information
Schedule of Events
Club Activity News
Club Charity News
Club Community Involvement News
NCCC Affiliation (Link-Logo-News-Information)
NCCC Region Affiliation (Link-Logo-News-Information)
FCOA Affiliation (Link-Logo-News-Information)
Overall first impression
Overall appearance
Ease of navigation and links accessibility
Timely and current information
Other features

2008 Web Site Contest Entry Procedure & Form

For more information regarding the
NCCC Annual Web Site Contest

please contact
Joan Thomas
NCCC Webmaster

Any NCCC Member wishing to be considered as a Judge for the 2009 Club Web Site Contest should contact the NCCC Webmaster. It is preferable that the Judges not be a National or Regional Officer or a Club Governor, however all Volunteers will be considered.

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