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Annual Club Web Site Contest
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2005 NCCC Club Web Site Contest
Thanks to all the Clubs that entered!!

First Place ~ Cowtown Vettes ~ SW-055

Second Place ~ Central Florida Corvette Association ~ FL-186

Third Place ~ San Jacinto Corvette Club ~ SW-063

Additional Entrants in alphabetical order:

Badger State Vettes, LTD. ~ MW-246
Cedar Rapids Corvette Club ~ WR-015
Corvette Cleveland, Inc. ~ EO-005
El Paso Corvette Club ~ RR-241
Flagler County Corvette Club ~ FL-472
Flint Corvette Club ~ MI-037
Fort Wayne Corvette Club ~ IN-115
Kalamazoo Corvette Club ~ MI-047
Lancaster County Corvette Club ~ ER-266
Nashville Corvette Club ~ SE-073
Northern Virginia Corvette Club ~ ER-357
Oklahoma City Corvette Club ~ SW-131
Sunburst Corvette Club ~ MW-277
Syracuse Corvette Club ~ NE-105
Thunder Vette Set ~ RR-328
Vapor Trail Vettes ~ WC-518
Victor Valley Vettes ~ WC-507
Wisconsin Corvette Club ~ MW-075

2005 Judges
Durwood Egan
Badger State Vettes
Midwest Region
George Gallant
Bel-Aire Corvette Club
East Region
Sandy Hartkopp
Midwestern Corvette Society
West Region

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