The Office of Sergeant-At-Arms 2006-2007

January 18, 2006

To all:
The office of Sergeant-at-Arms, vacated by the passing of Judy Yanko, will be filled at the February National Meeting. The appointment will be made by the President with a consensus of the E-Board and the approval of the Board of Governors.  The appointee will serve the "balance of the vacated term" which will amount to two years (2006-2007).

If you feel that you have the qualifications (and the time) to serve, and are willing to do so if appointed, please email or post to me your request to be considered.  I will accept requests until February 22, 2006.

The job description in detail can be found on the NCCC Web Site.

You will be asked to fill "BIG SHOES"!

You're the BEST!

Roger E. Mitchell
NCCC President
9560 Confederate Park Road
Fort Worth, TX 76135-4920

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