“Public Relations” and what it has to
offer your Local NCCC Club and Members

My name is Denny Luther, a member of the Corvette Club of Iowa from Des Moines, IA, which is part of the West Region of NCCC. I welcome your input and efforts in promoting NCCC to the best of our ability. We have several ideas to hopefully get the word out and would welcome input. I am open to discuss any opportunity that might arise.

We have various tools available to help you talk to your club and others about NCCC. I would ask that we work together to promote NCCC. With your continued assistance, we can expand the way we promote NCCC and make us known to potential members.

 Promotional Displays for Club use   – book one for your next event

 Why NCCC Documentation
    o Promo Flyer - Executive Size short promotional document for your club’s use
           View the 2014 Flyer    Print the 2014 Flyer
    o Why NCCC Detailed Information Letter Size Document which provides detailed information
           View the 2014 Document    Print the 2014 Document

 NCCC Ads Past and Present (setup for printing)
    o All About Vettes  2014 Flyer  2015 Flyer  2015 Ad
    o American Car Collector (formerly Corvette Market)  2012   2013-1  2013-3  2014  2015
    o Bloomington Gold  2013  2014
    o Corvettes at Carlisle Programs   2008  2009  2011  2012  2013
    o Corvettes at Carlisle Goodie Bag Flyer  2011  2012  2013   2013 FCOA Flyer
    o Corvettes at Carlisle Special Banners  FCOA  NCCC  Charity Raffle
    o Corvette Enthusiast  2011
    o Corvette Market  2012  2013-1  2013-3
    o Corvette Quarterly  2008  2009
    o Corvette World Tribute  2011 Road America Program  2011 Goodie Bag Flyer
                                                2012 Road America Program AD  2012 Goodie Bag Flyer
                                                2013 Road America Program AD
    o Hemmings Motor News  2014  2015
    o Lime Rock Historic Festival  2013
    o Michelin  2014
    o Mid-America Funfest  2012  2013  2014
    o National Corvette Homecoming  2012-PB AD  2012 Flyer  2013  2014
    o National Corvette Museum American Sports Car Magazine  2009  2012  2013  2014  2015
    o National Corvette Museum Café Tabletop Ads
        2009 Ad ~ Tables     2011 Ad ~ Tables  2014 Round Table Ad ~ 2014 Rectangular Table Ad
    o National Corvette Restorer’s Society (NCRS)  2011  2013  2014-1  2014-2  2015
    o NCCC Convention Sponsorship Brochure  2009  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015
    o Vette Magazine  2011
    o Vette Vues Magazine  2011  2013  2014  2015  2015 Banner
    o Vintage Road / Race Car - Pebble Beach  2013

 Club / Sponsor Brochures (setup for printing)
     East Tennessee Corvette Club

 NCCC Competition Video has been added to the NCCC Promotional Displays

 NCCC Kiosk at the Corvette Museum with DVDs continuously playing to show what NCCC is about

Please contact me if you have any questions or for more information.

Denny Luther
Director of Public Relations

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