Appointed Officers are appointed by the President with recommendations by the Executive Board and approval of the Board of Governors at the first meeting of each calendar year. Applications are due by November 1st each year.
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Elaine Heretta ~ Director of Publications-Blue Bars Editor
East Ohio Region ~ Tiretown Corvette Club
Spouse: Chuck
Kids:  Melanie & Montie, Greg - all members of NCCC. Peanut & Sparkle
Grandanimals:   Piper, Miss Daisy, Nitro & Winnie
Corvettes:  1969 convertible, 1984 RP & 1995 coupe
Favorite Vette Fun: I'm a hard competitor, so the relaxation and camaraderie after the events is the best!
Elaine says: You've got to try it all! There is more to Corvetting than just speed events or car shows. You'd be surprised at the things you learn by doing it all...and don't forget Convention!!!

Michele Cantelmo ~ Director of Charity
East Region ~ High Point Cruisers Car Club
Spouse: John
Kids:  3 Cats--Noel, Lucky and Bobbie
Corvettes:  1962 Black Convertible, 1964 Silver Blue Convertible, 1973 Gold L82, 1973 Green L88, Light Blue 1978 Modified, Aqua 1996 LT4, Yellow 2014 Z51
Favorite Vette Fun: This may sound crazy, but I love working all kinds of events. I assist other clubs with their sanctioned events within the East Region. If there are no workers there would be no events!! When not helping other clubs, I enjoy taking long rides on winding rural roads with our Z51.
Michele says: I have made many friends within NCCC over the years and I enjoy the fellowship of our local club, the Regional group and also with National. Get involved--it's loads of fun!!

Debbie Lindsey ~ Director of Sponsorship
Southwest Region ~ Cowtown Vettes
Spouse: Jerry
Kids:  Colin and Brent
Corvettes:  2014 Night Race Blue convertible
Favorite Vette Fun: For events, it would be autocrossing although I have not done this since 1992. Working with conventions has given me the opportunity to meet many people in NCCC that I would not have known otherwise and this has created a lot of "Corvette Fun" for me.
Debbie says: My association and involvement in NCCC has given me some of my closest friends in life including my husband and I am very thankful for that! I hope that we can all be encouraging and positive with each other as that is what motivates people to want to do more and become more involved!

Pat Kelly ~ FCOA Director
Midwest Region ~ Badger State Vettes
Spouse: Gary (yup, that Gary Kelly, past Vice President of Competition!)
Kids:  Jeni, Bill, Jason, & Michele
Grandkids:  Matt, Katie, Katy, JoAnn & Jacob
Great-Grandkids:  Will, Keegan, Addison & Lula
Corvettes:  1970 454 Daytona Yellow convertible, 1978 L82 4-speed Silver Anniversary, 2003 50th Anniversary convertible, 2017 Admiral Blue Grand Sport Heritage Edition coupe plus 22 others over the years
Favorite Vette Fun: What’s there not to like about anything you can do with a Vette??? We’ve done just about all of it ~ social & competitive and it’s hard to pick a favorite.
Pat says: Participate in Corvette activities whenever you can. You’ll never regret the time spent with your Corvette “family”. Volunteer to help your Club, your Region and NCCC ~ you’ll find it very rewarding. And don’t forget that FCOA is the foundation of NCCC’s 21st Century! Get your kids, Grand-kids, nieces and nephews interested in Vettes now ~ you don’t want them running around in a Viper, Porsche or Mustang, do you?

Walt Jenkins ~ Director of IT
Rocky Mountain Region ~ Colorado Springs Corvette Club
Spouse: Nancy
Kids:Mike, Candice, Jessica, Jeracha
Grandkids: Raiden, Yasmine
Corvettes: 1973 Midnight Race Blue Metallic, 2000 Torch Red Coupe, 2005 Arctic White Coupe
Favorite Vette Fun:Autocrossing, Ralleys, Car Shows and good Corvette Friends



Deb Murphy ~ 2017 Convention Director
Florida Region ~ Florida Corvette Club
Richard Yanko ~ 2017 Convention Director
Southeast Region ~ Vette City Vettes

Gail Yanko ~ 2017 Convention Co-Director
Southeast Region ~ Vette City Vettes
Denny Murphy ~ 2017 Convention Co-Director
Florida Region ~ Florida Corvette Club

Cindy Urenda ~ 2017 Convention Directors
Rocky Mountain Region ~ Denver Corvette Association

2018 Convention Directors
Bernyce Molenda
Jerry Britner
Southwest Region ~ Tin Hall Toys Corvette Club, Inc.

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