NCCC Officers Elect for 2010 ~ 2011

2010-2011 1st Vice-President Competition

Jack Wilson
Midwest Region
Northern Illinois Corvette Club

I am Jack Wilson. I have been your Vice President of Competition for the past two years. Prior to that, I was the RCD for the Midwest Region for five years. I have also been President of Northern Illinois Corvette Club.

My involvement with building, racing, and showing cars have spanned over 50 years. I have been involved in drag racing, street rod show cars, and the past 18 years with NCCC Autocross, Rallye, & Concours events.

Before retiring in 2002, my 42 years of organizational and leadership experience has been in business, and community organizations.

I sincerely appreciate the support of the membership and the Competition Committee over the past two years. I have enjoyed serving the NCCC organization as VPC and would greatly appreciate your support to continue to serve as your VPC for the next two years.

Thank you.

Jack C. Wilson

2010-2011 Secretary

Cindy Urenda
Rocky Mountain Region
Denver Corvette Association

  My name is Cindy Urenda and I have served as the Secretary for National Council for the past two years. I have been an NCCC member for 16 years, and served as the Rocky Mountain Region RE for 7 years. During that time, I served on the By Laws Committee, the Teller Committee, a special hearing committee, and was a judge in the very first Web site contest. I have been President of the Denver Corvette Association for the past 10 years, initiated and continue to coordinate our annual regional awards banquet, and I worked on some of the committees hosting the 50th Convention in the Rocky Mountain Region this summer.

During my tenure as Secretary, I have worked hard to make things work smoothly and efficiently for the Governors & Officers. I fine tuned the balloting process, by stamping the envelopes and providing clear instructions to help Governors get their ballots completed and returned correctly, so they will count. I also made each page of the ballot a different color so the Teller Committee can easily sort them for counting. I worked with the VP of Membership and the Webmaster to consolidate our respective e-mail lists into one which is maintained by the Webmaster. This enables everyone to have the same, current list and Governors & Officers only have to report changes to one person. I learned to zip the files (thanks to an RCD) so that the minutes and reports don’t take up so much space in your e-mail boxes. I have been fiscally responsible with my piece of the budget, by purchasing items I need when they go on sale. I am currently working on updating the job descriptions for the Web site. I believe there is always room for improvement, and I am open to your suggestions.

I enjoy competing in all kinds of events, but also enjoy the camaraderie of the members. We have a unique organization in that while many of us are highly competitive, we are also friends who are very supportive of each other. I truly enjoy being a member of our “Corvette family” of nearly 18,000, and would be honored to continue to serve the next two years as your Secretary.

Thank you for your continued support.

Cindy Urenda

2010-2011 Business Manager

Hal Tumbleson
Rocky Mountain Region
Colorado Springs Corvette Club

My name is Hal Tumbleson and I am running for the position of NCCC Business Manager. I feel it is a privilege and honor to be able to run for this office. I would like for you to know that I have been a member of NCCC for five years. I belong to the Colorado Springs Corvette Club where I have been a member for five years. I have been elected club treasurer for two years and a board member for the last two years. I was co-chairman for the 2009 50th NCCC Convention that was held in Colorado Springs, CO. I have been married to my wife, Cindy for 34 years and we have a family owned funeral home in Colorado Springs.

My qualifications for this office are: I am the owner of my own business. I deal with many vendors on a daily basis and also with many different types of insurance companies. My job includes making sure that the request my clients make are met in a timely manner which involves half a dozen to a dozen different companies. I, also, am involved in looking over contracts and contract negations.

I believe I am the Best Nominee for this office because I have the experience for this position personally and professionally. Personally, I just Co-Chaired the 2009 NCCC 50th Convention and dealt with the host hotel on a daily basis. I made sure the events that were happening on that day were ready at the event time. I also looked over the daily charges from the hotel and made sure they were correct.

Professionally, I make sure that the daily operations of my business are conducted in a timely manner, which means that I understand deadlines. I, also, meet with many vendors and am responsible for contracts to be in place and make sure that I am getting the best possible price. This professional experience can be used in this office for the best possible negotiations with vendors and hotels. I feel that my business experience will benefit this office and the members of NCCC.

Thank you for your time in reading this and again allowing me the privilege and honor for running for this office.

Hal Tumbleson

2010-2011 Sergeant-at-Arms

Ron Ruston
Southwest Region
Oklahoma City Corvette Club

I am Ron Ruston and I am running for Sergeant-at-Arms.

Jeannie and I joined the Oklahoma City Corvette Club and NCCC in November 1989 I Became a Lifetime Member in September 2004
Our Son (Brett) and Daughter in Law (Stacey) are both NCCC Members
Our Two Grandsons (Ryan 5 and Daniel 2) are FCOA Members.
Three Generations of NCCC Members!!!
I began attending National Meetings in 2002
Active in OCCC and NCCC:
President - 3 years
Vice-President – 1 year
Chairperson of annual Competition Event -10 years
Southwest RE - 3 years
Convention Director 2008
Currently Member of Convention Steering Committee

Retired June this year, I have the time and desire to devote to this National Office. I would greatly appreciate your vote for Sergeant at Arms. If elected I will attend all meetings and will do the best possible job for you.

Thank You!!

Thank you, Jean!

Jean Morrison
Florida Region
Mid Florida Corvette Club

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