National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.
Club Newsletter Contest


2014 Contest Entrants
Region Club Name Newletter Title
MI Capital City Corvette Club The Connection
MW Central Illinois Corvette Club The CICC Wave
WR Cornhuskers Corvette Club Husker News and Views
SE Corvette Atlanta The C-A-Review
WR Corvette Club of Iowa Sportsmate
IN Corvette Indy The Heart of Indy
WC Corvette Super Sports Under the Radar
SW Cowtown Vettes Low-Down
RM Down the Road Corvettes DtRC Docket
IN Fort Wayne Corvette Club The Fiberglass Herald
ER Freestate Corvette Club Vette Gazette
SE Nashville Corvette Club Tire Smoke
MW Sunburst Corvette Club Sun Spots
WC Victor Valley Vettes Corvette Chronicles


The RE Committee is already preparing for the 2014 Newsletter Contest. Below you will find the rules for the 2014 contest and info on where to send your submissions.
An important change is the fact that electronic copies of the newsletter can also be submitted in PDF format for scoring. With this change we are expecting a significant increase in the number of entrants. To keep the scoring of submissions at a workable level we are limiting the number of clubs to the first fifty.
A tip: Please read the Rules and understand the submission time lines and the 6 areas for which points are awarded. I would also make these areas of the newsletters obvious to the Judges so you donít risk the chance of it being overlooked.
The RE Committee believes this contest is an excellent way to recognize the hard work and effort put into keeping a Clubís Members informed through their Newsletters.

As always if you have questions about the Contest or if I can be of help with any NCCC related matters, please send me an e-mail or give me a call.

Jim Walton
NCCC Parliamentarian


  1.  Each NCCC Club entering the contest must submit three (3) issues covering the period from
      January 2014 through May 2014.
      Entries are to be sent to each of the Three (3) Judges.
      Entries may be e-mailed in a PDF format or mailed via USPS.
      The Contest will be limited to the first Fifty (50) entries received by the Judges.

  2.  If using USPS we highly recommend that you place your newsletter in an envelope as several past
      entries have been damaged in mailing.
      Each newsletter should be clearly marked "Contest Entry."
      All entries must be sent by standard mail to each of the Three (3) Judges.
      No registered, certified, return receipt, postage due type mailings will be accepted.

  3.  If you are e-mailing your newsletter, please state "Newsletter Contest Entry" in the Subject Line.

  4.  Addresses of the Judges are listed below. E-mail your entries using the e-mail links below.

  5.  The entries should be sent out, one issue at a time as they are published.

  6.  Please include your e-mail address and the Judges will notify you that your entry has been received.

  7.  The first issue must be sent no later than March 1, 2014.
       The final issue must be sent no later than June 15, 2014.

  8.  Awards will be presented at the 2014 Convention in Savannah, GA.

  9.  A list of the Winners and all Entrants will appear on the NCCC Web Site and in Blue Bars.


Entries will be judged on content and completeness in the following categories:
Local News: News of your Club
Technical News: Repair, Replacement, Restoration, Technical Information
Charity News: Charity news and Contributions for Club, Region or National
NCCC News: Items concerning National Council (NCCC)
Regional News: Your Region news or other Regional news
Composition: Structure and content and readability of your magazine

Scoring will be on a 10-point scale for each category with 10 being the highest.
Please try to make these topics obvious for the categories, i.e. separate
sections, headings, etc., as this will help the Judge find your content and
to insure you receive the appropriate credit.



Larry Pagliaro
Midwest Region RE
9230 Carolina Lane
Orland Park, IL 60462-1374
E-mail Larry

Glenn Hutchinson
Florida Region RE
2904 SE 5th Place
Cape Coral, FL 33904-3409
E-mail Glenn

Dave Goebel
236 County Road 260
Niota, TN 37826-2916
E-mail Dave

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