Officers are elected by the Board of Governors for a term of 2 years. The Offices of President, Vice-President of Membership, Treasurer, Parliamentarian and Director of Public Relations are elected in even numbered years. The Offices of Vice-President of Competition, Secretary, Business Manager and Sergeant-at-Arms are elected in odd numbered years. Applications are due in September.
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Richard Yanko ~ President
Southeast Region ~ Vette City Vettes
Spouse:  Married Gail in February, 2008 and we are working on combining the two households. This will be an ongoing project for the next several years.
Kids: Daughters Lori and Amy
Grandsons: Brian and Jason
Beagle: Pokey Cats: Baby, Bob, Tiger and Rickey Monkey: Rodney
Corvettes: My first Corvette was a 67 Roadster that is still in the stable;
current Race Car is a 1996 Grand Sport; daily driver is a Silver 2001 Roadster
Favorite Vette Fun: Sebring 2006
Richard says: Yes it's about the Corvette but most important it's about the people.

Jack Wilson ~ 1st Vice President - Competition
Midwest Region ~ Northern Illinois Corvette Club
Spouse:  Janet ~ Married since 1964. Never regretted a moment.
Kids: Wendy
Grandson: Jacob
Corvettes: 1975 Silver Stingray Coupe, 1996 LT4 Silver Coupe, 2001 Yellow Z06
Favorite Vette Fun: Traveling to the various events across the country, meeting & competing with friends & sightseeing our great nation.
Jack says: Smile, it's the shortest distance between two people.

Larry Morrison ~ 2nd Vice President - Membership
Rocky Mountain Region ~ Colorado West Corvette Club
Spouse:  Ellouise ~ We were married in April 1963. We both joined NCCC in 1984 when Colorado West Corvette Club was formed.
Kids: 3 sons, Wayne, Bill, & Terry (Charter Member of FCOA). Bill and Terry are NCCC members of Colorado West Corvette Club
Grandkids: Amanda, Rabecca, Jordon, Jacob, Jessica, & Riley (2nd generation FCOA member)
Corvettes: 1998 Coupe Purple Pearl Metallic ~ one of 215 coupes in this color
Favorite Vette Fun: Going to corvette events and being able to socialize and compete with other corvette owners. Really enjoy NCCC corvette racing but I am not near fast enough.  But then maybe age has something to do with it.  Sounds like a good excuse to me! It is either that or the younger racers are just faster than I was at their age because I know I haven't slowed down ~ ha ha.
Larry says: Smile a lot and folks will wonder what you are up to. But we know it is because I really enjoy being with my NCCC family.

Cindy Urenda ~ Secretary
Rocky Mountain Region ~ Denver Corvette Association
Spouse: Pete ~ married November 23,1974. I caught him then, but I can't catch him on the race track!
Kids: Brandie, Angela and Jared (all Members of Denver Corvette Association)
Grandchildren: Abigail & Ethan (both 2nd Generation FCOA Members)
Corvettes: '68 Roadster, an '85 coupe, two '86 coupes, and my daily driver, a Carmine Red '97 coupe.
Favorite Vette Fun: I enjoy participating in all kinds of competition. The Rocky Mountain Region clubs almost always gather for food and camaraderie when the competition is done for the day. That is the part I like best. It's like a big rowdy family get-together.
Cindy says: Make time for what you love and don't waste time on stuff that isn't important. (Corvette Club stuff is always worth making time for.)

Bernyce Molenda ~ Treasurer
Southwest Region ~ Tin Hall Toys Corvette Club, Inc.
Spouse:  Ted ~ Married since 1972.
Kids: David
Corvettes: Many but still in possession of the 96 and 08.
Favorite Vette Fun: Learning the 08 and what it can do. But at the same time getting with our extended family to enjoy the time together.
Bernyce says: It is all about the camaraderie and the great people you meet while doing something you like.

Kevin Milton ~ Parliamentarian
Indiana Region ~ Tri-State Corvette Club
Spouse: Chris
Kids:  0, nope, never, not going to happen
Corvettes: 1969 427/435 L89 ~ 4 speed of course,  1973 454 4-speed (Chrisís car), 1978 Pace Car L48-4 speed (purchased new) and a 1996 Grand Sport 6 speed (purchased new )
Favorite Vette Fun: Iím happiest when Iím in the garage and working on one of my cars. I really enjoy making something old look new again. I really enjoy going to conventions. My wife and I went to Dallas in 1977 and we were hooked. That was our introduction to what I will call the NCCC life. I have met many people in the organization that I consider my life long friends.

Hal Tumbleson ~ Business Manager
Rocky Mountain Region ~ Colorado Springs Corvette Club
Spouse: Cindy, married August 29,1975. She doesnít race but is my biggest supporter and a great spectator.
Kids: One daughter and son-in-law, Heather and Chris. Both are NCCC members of The Colorado Springs Corvette Club.
Corvettes: 1979 Black on Black and 1986 Yellow Convertible Pace Car
Favorite Vette Fun: Any type of racing, going to local, regional and national events, getting to meet and fellowship with old and new friends.
Hal says: Like the Tim McGraw song says: "Someday I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dying." Drive that Corvette like there is no tomorrow.


Larry Beebe ~ Director of Public Relations
West Region ~ Cedar Rapids Corvette Club
Spouse: ChrisÖsince June 7, 1969. My how time flies when you are having fun!
Correct dear??
Kids:  Michael and Patrick
Grandkids:  Zane and Cael (Both FCOA Members from day of birth!)
Corvettes:  Worked my way up from a 1984 Coupe to a 1996 Coupe to the current 2000 Torch Red Coupe
Favorite Vette Fun: All types of Autocrosses and Rallyes, all Conventions and believe it or not, Governors Meetings. Least favorite: Cleaning the car!
Larry says: Iíve drunk too much, eaten too much and spent too much money but I have never driven too fast or had too much fun.

Ron Ruston ~ Sergeant-at-Arms
Southwest Region ~ Oklahoma City Corvette Club
Spouse: Jeannie, married April 14, 1978. As she always says, ďLife is GoodĒ
Kids: Brett and wife Stacey (both NCCC Members)
Grandsons:  Ryan and Daniel (both FCOA Members) and lots of fun
Corvettes:   Currently we own a Black 1995 Coupe, a Group 3 Autocrosser and a White 2008 Coupe Driver
Favorite Vette Fun: Low and High Speed Autocross and Drag Racing. We also have a great time at Convention!
Ron says: NCCC is a large part of our life. Jeannie and I have both served as Regional and Club Officers and greatly enjoy the Corvette world. As we often say ~ We joined NCCC because of the Corvette and we stay because of the people we have met.


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