Chairman/Director of Convention

Anne Featherstone
1960 Convention Chairman
Detroit, MI

Margaret Orscheln & Thomas Eckert
1961 Co-Chairmen
St. Louis, MO

Darwin Thomas & William Thornbury
1962 Co-Chairmen
Lansing, MI

Fred Tucker
1963 Director
Baltimore, MD

Jim Hoppin
1964 Director
Cadillac, MI

Eileen Timko & Don Criss
1965 Co-Directors
Cleveland, OH

1966 Director Tom Henry
Baltimore, MD

1967 Director Rich Goranflo
Louisville, KY

1968 Director John (a/k/a Tom) Collins
Grand Rapids, MI

1969 Director Cliff Payne
Daytona Beach, FL

1970 Director Rich Goranflo
Louisville, KY

1971 Director John Palladino
St. Louis, MO

1972 Director Ron Griffith
Dallas, TX

1973 Director Bob Woodard
Indianapolis, IN

1974 Director Arlene Dillngham
Atlanta, GA

1975 Director Jerry Lancaster
Cleveland, OH

1976 Director Jan Ellison
Orlando, FL

1977 Director Ron Griffith
Dallas, TX

1978 Director Dave Morse
Charlotte, NC

1979 Director Gary Barncord
Colorado Springs, CO

1980 Director Jody Hurt
Orlando, FL

1981 Director Rose Schmitt
Milwaukee, WI

1982 Director Jerry Britner
Houston, TX

1983 Director Dick Flora
Indianapolis, IN

1984 Director Kirsten Hawes
Detroit, MI

1985 Director Gene Kirkpatrick
Tulsa, OK

1986 Director Jim Weir
Orlando, FL

1987 Director Charlie Johnson
Columbus, OH

1988 Director Dick Flora
Indianapolis, IN

1989 Director Richie Zitzmann
New Orleans, LA

1990 Director Jay Gittelman
Pocono, PA

1991 Director Jay Freeman
Charlotte, NC

1992 Director Debbie Lindsey
Dallas, TX

1993 Director Dave Pierce
Topeka, KS

1994 Director Jim Harris
Lansing, MI

1995 Director Bob Tommer
Palm Springs, CA

1996 Director Larry Beebe
Orlando, FL

1997 Director Chuck Heretta
Cleveland, OH

1998 Director Dan Skinner
St. Louis, MO

1999 Director Larry Morrison
Denver, CO

2000 Director Loretta Spinrad
Bellaire, MI

2001 Director Deb Murphy
Bowling Green, KY

2002 Director Jim Krebs
Indianapolis, IN

2003 Director George Gallant
Hagerstown, MD

2004 Director Steve Schwab
Las Vegas, NV

2005 Director Larry Higgins
St. Cloud, MN

2006 Director Larry Beebe
Orlando, FL

2007 Director John McGee
Nashville, TN

2008 Director Ron Ruston
Tulsa, OK

2009 Director Walt Jenkins
Colorado Springs, CO

2010 Director Carolyn Montgomery
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

2011 Director Dave Heinemann
Tinley Park, IL

2012 Director Larry Beebe
Topeka, KS

2013 Director Richard Yanko
Bowling Green, KY

2014 Director Deb Murphy
Savannah, GA

2015 Director David Walter
Lake Harmony, PA

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