2013 Ballot Results
Notice & Instructions for Governors
Balloting Opened on October 14, 2013
  Governors, please be aware once you open the ballot you must keep it open until you are finished voting. If you look at the ballot then close it and try to come back you will be locked out. You can use the Highlighted "Office of VP of Competition" to review the Candidates and the By-Laws and go back to the ballot but if you close the Ballot you will be locked out.
Ron Ruston
New NCCC Officers for 2014-2015
Proposed Changes to the NCCC By-Laws
   RE-2013-1 Passed
   Article VII, Section 1, Sub-Section Letter C
   Officers - Regional Officers - Duties - RE, RCD, RMD
    Establishes duties of RE, RCD & RMD if there is an absence
    Article XI, Section 3 Passed
    Committees - Duties - Regional Executive Committee
     Allows RE committee to discuss their findings, appropriateness or necessity of a By-Law change
    RE-2013-3  Withdrawn
    Article VIII, Section 5, Sub-Section Letters A, C & D
    Meetings - Attendance - General, Written Proxy & Proxy Officer
    RE-2013-4 Passed
    Article VII, Section 1, Sub-Section Letter C
    Officers - Regional Officers - Duties - Regional Executive
     Simplifies the Proxy process and form for National Meetings
    RE-2013-5 Passed
    Article III, Sections 1, 2, 3, & 4
    Members - Official Member (new Section), Classification, Application
     Establishes when a person becomes an NCCC Member
    RE-2013-6 Passed
    Article VII, Section 2
    Officers - National Officers - 2nd Vice President-Membership
     Clarifies the duties of the 2nd Vice-President of Membership
    RE-2013-7 Passed
    Article III, Section 3, Sub-Section Letter I
    Members - Classification - Enthusiast Member (Being added)
     Creates an “Enthusiast Member”
Convention Bid Proposal for 2015 Yes

Final Ballot Return Tally Log (as of November 6, 2013)
Voting closed at 9:00 PM CST on November 6, 2013

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